After playing 20 minutes of 2NL 6-max cash games (3 at a time) last night, I decided to try it again today, and the results were pretty good.

Here's how it went:

Time played : 1h00 (2h50 to 3h50)
Number of tables : 4

Table 1:
Started with 2.00$
Finished with 3.99$
Profit: 1.99$

Table 2:
Started with 2.00$
Finished with 2.56$
Net: 0.56$

Table 3:
Started with 2.00$
Finished with 2.51$
Net: 0.51$

Table 4:
Started with 2.00$
Finished with 1.61$
Net: -0.39$
Total earnings: 2.67$
Bankroll: +9.3% (28.71$ + 2.67$ = 31.38$)

I think I played well today. The 1.99$ profit on table 1 was due to a raise and a re-raise all in by another player, all pre-flop, which I call because I had AA. Took down the pot considering the all-in player had JJ and didn't make a set with the board.

The -0.39$ was due to both the opponent and I making a set: I made top set on the flop (8's) and he made his set of 10's on the river. The show down pretty much sucked for it. Oh well, shit happens.

Anyways, I'll keep at it. I now prefer micro cash games to Sit & Gos due to several factors, including the fact that people don't shove everytime they get a pair pre-flop, it's much more enjoyable and I'm actually winning coin flips compared to losing 80% of them during Sit & Gos... I guess they are somewhat cursed, at least for me!

Back to the books... School books that is! Peace.