I expect most of you, who manage to stay awake while reading my blog, to have thought, at least once, how amazing it would be to actually be a professional poker player and earn your living player cards.

I was thinking of the advantages, and came up with some pretty good ones:

-Traveling: a poker player can work anywhere: there are casinos all over the globe and online poker can be played from city in the world.

-Schedule: you decide. No one orders you to get up at 6:30 AM to get to work. Get up at 10, play 3 hours of online poker, hit the weekly 215$ buy-in tourney at the local casino, tear it down and bring home the cash.

-The babes: who doesn't like a rich poker player? For my part, I have a girlfriend that I love, so this doesn't apply to me...

-Big cashes: once in a while you hit that big cash after winning a big tournament, so your EPT buy-ins are covered for the next 5 years.

-Early retirement: what retirement? You already are!

And there's plenty more good reasons being a professional poker player must be awesome. Sadly, 99.9% of us won't make it there. Oh well, that's why the title of this post has the word "dreams" in there!

I'd like to know what you guys would enjoy most if you were a professional poker player, so leave a comment! Cheers!