I buy-in this 360 player cap 0.10$ tourney for the hell of it.

After a few hands, I get KK. I shove, thinking I'll probably get some loser's chips as everyone seem to shove with nothing in thee low buy-in tourneys.

Two people call: one has KK, just like me, and the other has A9 off-suit.

Flop doesn't help anyone, so me and the other dude with KK are ahead. Turn shows a 9 and the river shows the Ace.

And then, the guy, who called TWO all-in's with A9 off, says: "Learn how to play"

Donks will be donks. I'm left with 70 chips, and I'm on a deadly mission to get back up, somehow, and knock this idiot out.

And yes, I'm pissed lol