My bankroll went down to a dramatic 14$ yesterday. I swear, I couldn't land a single decent pre-flop hand, and when I miraculously did, I always ended up being out-flop by players calling my raises and shoves with the most ridiculous hands.


Im sitting in a 3.50$ Sit & Go (Fifty50, Turbo). Blinds are 50/100 and I have about 2.5k chips.
I get AK suited, the first good hand in 2-3 games. I raise the big stack's raise. He ends up calling while UTG. I figure he must have a decent hand at this point, probably 9-9, 10-10 or AK, AQ suited...

Flop comes: 8-A-5 rainbow. I this point I'm pretty confident I have the best hand since he checks the flop. I figure, if he had an ace, he would've bet since the pot was pretty big already and worth taking down right away.

I bet ~70% of the pot (about 550) and he snap calls. At this point im confused... No re-raise, only a snap call? Maybe he's got a medium Ace? We'll see.

Turn comes: 2.
He ends up shoving, so now I'm thinking this guy couldn't be serious.... Did he call my pre-flop raise with A-2?! Nah, I can't be that unlucky... I call.

He's got 8-2 off-suit.

So this complete moron calls my pre-flop raise with 8-2 off, then snap calls my flop bet for 550 with middle pair (even though my play clearly indicated some kind of an Ace pre-flop) and gets lucky hitting his second pair on the turn. Yeah, shitty run vs. lucky people usually indicates it's time to do something else with your time for that day lol

I do admit I was tilting when I called the shove... I couldn't believe I was being that unlucky, because things similar had occured several times in previous game earlier that day.

Oh well, just another reason to know when to stop. Got the bankroll back to 28$ this morning. Time to study a bit and then try taking down tonight! Keeping hope...

Cya soon.