It feels amazing, I won't lie. The tourney took 4h50 and I'm tired as hell, but the final hand, which gave me the straight after calling my opponent's All-in with A7 suited (He had 2-2), had me tilt my head backwards in relief.

After reaching the top 200 I figured I'd give it a serious go. Especially since I was called a "donkey" by another player, saying I wouldn't last long in the tourney. Guess what, BVB_NUTS, I won it.

I wasn't doing it for the 5.40$. I simply wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I've been willing to see if I could make it to the final table in a tourney with a field as big as the PokerSchool Open freeroll (which consisted of 8688 players).

Am I the best? No. I still have a bunch to learn, but it's a great start.

+5.40$ to my bankroll and +1 headache to me. Hurray