My bankroll this morning: 20.13$
My current bankroll: 31.90$

I told myself I'd try to take down 1.50$ and possibly 3.50$ Fifty50 Sit & Gos to make a profit of 5$ each day. 5$ isn't much but being a medical student heading into his midterms, I don't have as much time as I wish I had.

Early in the day, I lost a few, but then started to cash, finishing okay:

1.50$ Fifty50 Sit & Go:
1st place (4.64$)
3rd place (2.79$)
1st place (4.71$)
4th place (2.03$)

3.50$ Fifty50 Sit & Go:
3rd place (5.65$)
2nd place (7.54$)

I think I have my style pretty much figured out... let's see if I can make a few more bucks.