This 3.51$ 2nd place is my second attempt at a Fifty50. I have to be honest: it feels good. I know 1.50$ Fifty50s aren't a big deal, but it's the 1st and 2nd finishes out of ten that seem interesting. I've been finishing good lately: 32rd out of a field of ~5000, 105th out of 4575, good 1.50$ finishes, etc.

It'll soon give me the confidence to try the 3.50$ Fifty50s, yielding better prizes. Of course, the players will most likely be better players, but I tend to enjoy matches with experienced players rather than people calling 3 BB raises with 98 off-suit and connecting with the flop, solely relying on luck (I see way to many of 'em out there)

In any case, I'm currently playing the "Freebuy to Round 2", which is a qualifier for 3rd round, part of the "Canada Cup"... I'll tell you guys all about it.

Start bankroll: 10.00$
Current Bankroll: 20.13$