Took 1st place (3.17$) after an overly long match: low stacks not willing to shove, even with good cards, due to the possibility of losing their buy-ins... Typical I suppose.

I come to the conclusion that Fifty50s are the way to go if you want to take your time and play a ''smarter' game. Heads-up fits my schedule much better: between classes or when I have, let's say, 15 minutes and really feel like playing, the aggressive/quick paced style seems adequate. One thing though: the faster you can win, the faster you can lose.

These days, I have a tendency to get hands when others do: getting AQ vs the opponents AK and hitting a AKQ flop. Heads-up, in that case, will cost me considering being 2-handed compared to 10-to-3-handed.

My brain tells me to stick to Fifty50, which is what I'll try. I'm off to a good start.

Start bankroll: 10.00$
Current bankroll: 18.02$