The blinds got me to become creative: bluffing when I shouldn't had my heart pumping, but the other player, fortunately, didn't pick them off, at least most of the times, until hitting as low as 595 in chips. Later on, after getting back on my feet to a decent 1600 in chips, I got the right hand at the right time:

Blinds were 60/120 and the chips were 1600 for me and 1400 for him.
I didn't get my hopes up seeing K7, but I knew I had to raise to try and get his big blind. He called my raise, which seemed like bad news, because the only time he did call my raises during the entire game was when he had an Ace or pocket pairs........

Cards came: A K 8 on the flop. Potential disaster flop, because too many of my chips were already in the pot for me to fold right away with a pair of cowboys. We end up seeing the turn after a half pot bet and call.

The turn? 7. I know I have to get creative to get his entire stack. So I check after a few seconds. He quickly bets half the pot, so I raise and after a few seconds, he shoves. I wonder: does he have trips? Two pairs with his ace? A flush was impossible due to the pretty rainbow covering the board, and shoving with a straight draw would be a bold move after a long tight game. Oh well, I call, waiting for a bad surprise as I tend to get very unlucky in these sort of scenarios.

He has A10. Needless to say I was pretty happy: my luck's been letting me down about... 99% of the time lately, so it felt refreshing!

River shows the 3, giving me the win. 6.64$ isn't much, but it'll give me the confidence to get better at heads up and win some more. Lights out, I have class tomorrow. Peace.