10$ at the cashier, I'm ready to take a stab at it, for real this time. I'm one of those players who didn't take it seriously the first few times around. You know the type: putting a 10$ or a 20$ on PokerStars from time to time, getting bad beat at cash games and swearing to God he'd never spend another buck on poker?

Like I've mentioned, not taking it seriously got me to realize what a waste of 10$'s I've been doing. So here we are, and here's the code I'll be living by when on PokerStars from now on until I reach the not-so-far-away 100$ mark:

-Stick to Sit & Gos
-Stop playing when getting cranky
-Get into as many Hubble freerolls and PokerStars School tourneys are possible for pratice
-Good bankroll management

I just go into the Hubble freeroll 2 minutes ago. I'll post the results as soon as I'm done!