After making my post the other day I have had a little change in luck and appeared ITM a little more regularly on the few SNG's that I have played since which has been good.

The real question to me though is it just luck or as a result of better play.  I wouldl like to think the latter but to be realistic I do not think that it is which is of some concern.  

I would be interested to know what sort or results one should be achieving through good play as opposed to luck (or the opposite in many cases) 

I now have my ITM % up to 21% which I am pleased with and I hope to maintain this at at least 20% but really need to perofrm better than 4th - 6th which is where I seem to be ending up at the moment.  

Anyway, will keep trying.

ITM                                ITM%                                 Results

44/207                          21%                               2/7/39/39/13