I must say that there is nothing worse than getting elimated on the bubble and again this has just happened to me after being in a good position throughout the tournament.  

I would definitely prefer to be eliminated first than be in this situation as it just leaves an empty feeling (notwithstanding that  I am not playing for big stakes).

There have been many times when at this point it would be easy just to fold until somebody else inevitably ends up in this position andsometimes I do but you cannot afford to play poker like this all of the time.

Anyway, regardless I have been going okay with my stats improving to the point that I am now ITM 20% of the time I play which was a goal although after only 1 win overall the challenge has got to be to improve ROI.  

                                                                    ITM            ITM %               Finishing Stats

Hold'em NL  $32 * * *                        32/163           20%                   2/9/40/36/13