I managed to pick up my first win today in the $0.25 regular speed 45 player SNG's I have been mostly playing over the past couple of weeks.

This is very satisfying purely from the perspective that it is nice that maybe the lessons I have been taught are slowly sinking in.  

This said, I must say that I found myself on the final table with a small amount of chips (approx $4k) and after surviving to get ITM had to get away to go to a meeting so was keen to see myself eliminated so I would not be too late.  As a result I played more aggresively than normally and managed to win some big pots with marginal hands that I would not normally have played.  

There may be a lesson in this as well but I am pleased that I am on the board with a win and I should now be very close to a 20% ITM ranking which is what I was aiming for.  

The next challenge now is to continue, get a couple more wins and then go up a level.  In addition although I am dreading it I really should start measuring ROI which will really tell me where I am at.