Well the last few days have been interesting continue to play the micro stakes games on Pokerstars.  

In respect to my performance on the SNG's I have been playing I took the advice from some of the feedback I had from previous posts and have moved to regular speed SNG's and have found that I have been having a little more success in geeting to the final table although have been knocked out twice in 8th when paid to 7th and have had aces cracked in three recent games which has been frustrating although is just part of poker.  

                                        Results      ITM%                  Overall
   $19      556     0%      22/117        19%                2/9/36/41/13

I am still not happy with this and obviously not playing these correct as I am getting close to the final table with very few chips which is not providing any flexibility at the late stages of these tournaments.  

I have thought about this a bit and really believe that it is a matter of being too focussed in staying in the tournament late and not opening up my hands in the mid stages where there is a chance to grow a bank although getting Aces or Kings knocked over on the river regularly is very frustrating but further indication of my reliance on these big hands which has become dangerous.  

I am not going to give up though so will keep pushing through to try and get higher on the leader board or more regular occasions which I am sure will take the pain away of getting good hands beaten.