I have taken the kind advice that I received as a result of my previous blog posting and have changed my game back to the regular SNG's and decided to give the turbo's a miss as maybe I am not yet aggressive enough to be succesful on these tables.  

My updated stats as at today are as follows although I did just make the money in a $0.25 45 player game finishing 6th 

                                        ITM                     ITM%

613 0%                     17/104                    16%                   2/10/36/39/13


Overall I am disapointed with the way I am tracking and the 16% ITM outocome is not somthing that I am happy with at this stage.  I am hoping that my change in game will improve this in the short term.  

Although my MTT SNG's are not going that well I am a little more pleased with my results on the 0.02/0.05 zoom tables as I now have my head above water and not losing at the moment which is a good turnaround and something I am please with.