My biggest dilemma at the moment in respect to my Micro SNG game is that I am constantly getting in the last 20% of players but the ITM cuttoff is 10% so I am missing out altogether.  

Alternatively, when I get ITM I have such a small stack that it is just survival and I get knocked out pretty well immediatley.  

I am playing $0.10 360 Player Turbo SNG.

I am not sure why this is occuring but it is extremely frustrating especially when you play for an hour and then get knocked out on the edge of being ITM.  

I have tried to be a little more aggressive later in the SNG and probably feel that the major problem is that I am too cautious when it comes to betting All In at the late stages of a game with average hands which seem to get made for many players when you watch the cards fall.  

This obviously has effected my ITM % which I am tracking using which is a great site.

As at the time of writing this post my stats are as follows:

                                                                      ITM                        Finishing Stats

$0 - $5($4.99)  $14 * * * 569 0%       16/85 19%                 1/9/33/41/15

19% is really not good enough in my opinion s I need to lift this but more importantly lift my finishes so my bank roll can sustain the early exit's.

Interesting times anyway!