I have been playing poker for a while and unfortunately have gone nowhere.  There are may reasons for this but most notably a lack of discpline and taking on a gambling mentality instead of actually playing smart poker.  

After a break of 12 months in 2012 I have decided to give it another go as I do enjoy the game and find that it is good to keep the brain ticking over.

After making a deposit of $100A and creating a new profile I have recommenced the journey to hopefully being a better player.  

To date I have been playing at the micro level and love the format of SNG poker as it is reasonably quick and hopefully will enable me to improve to a level where I can have a decent crack at MTT's in my price range.  I also play a little on cash tables at micro levels just to get a little more action but not risk too much of my bank.

I don't imagine anybody will read this but if nothing else it will hopefully provide me with a guide and  record for how I am going.