The current PSO homegame series is March Mayhem and more information about it can be found HERE.  The 80 game series is available to all PSO homegame club members. 

One great thing about these series is that they include a very wide variety of games, from NLHE to Omaha to Badugi to 2-7 Single Draw.  This allows the members to get familiar with the non hold’em games, which they may not necessarily play, that are available in the PokerStars homegames. 

March Mayhem includes a wide variety of structures, so that players will be able to play levels that range from 3 to 10 min in length and starting stack sizes anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 chips.  The variety of structure styles helps to get the players familiar with many of the various types that can be played on PokerStars. 

The games also have a wide variety of skill level players, so while they allow for all players of every ability level, they are also very competitive.  Winning any month in the homegame gets the member into the yearly PSO Tournament of Champions, which is a very competitive game of no-limit hold’em.  Just winning any one of these games is an accomplishment, let alone winning a monthly series or the Tournament of Champions.

There are 80 game series most months with the exceptions being our most popular PSO Series of Poker that runs from late May thru early July and the Twelve Days of Poker in December. 

Good luck to all of the members playing and see you at the tables.