I decided to go play in a $105 mini-deep stack tourney and some cash afterwards, so off to the casino I go.

I sign up for the tourney and draw table 7, seat 7.  There are 40 players that show up, including JDean at table 3.

I’ve only seen two of the players at my table before, so I’m starting to try to get reads on them and see that it’s a VERY weak table, so I got a good draw.  Lots of limping, over and over and over.  We start out with 10k chips, so there’s no need to be limping, as we’re plenty deep to start.  The first hand that I look down at and want to play is QQ and I get 6 limpers in front of me (facepalm).  I make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper to 450 and take one down when everyone mucks.

At the end of the first level, I get 5 limpers and look down at bullets and make a standard raise to 400 and this time, pick up a caller.  The flop is 2 3 5 with two clubs.  When the opp checks to me, I fire out 575 and get called, so I’m looking at the guy having Ax or clubs.  The turn is another 3 and when he checks, I fire out 875 and get called.  The river is the J of diamonds and when he checks, I fire out 1250.  The opp goes into the tank and decides to muck.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and imagine this, I get another limpfest on my BB and look down at red 55.  I decide to check and setmine and see a 7-way flop of A T 5.  I lead out 675 and pick up two callers.  The turn is a rainbow 8 and I now lead out 1250 and take down another one when the opps muck.

That’s it for the first hour, as I’m card dead the rest of it and end the first hour with 12825.  At break, I find out about a sick hand at table 3, where JD ends up extremely short.  He had 88 on a Q82 flop… and was never ahead.

The second hour starts, the antes kick in and it’s extremely uneventful.  I’m totally card dead, so minus a couple steals with trash (37o and K2s) to keep up with the blinds, I’m not involved in any hands.  I end this hour session with 13100 after I win an extra black chip when the greens are raced off.  There are 26 players left and the top 5 get paid, with 1350 on top.

The third hour starts and the blinds are now starting to get high, as we’re at 500/1k/100.  With only 13BB, I’m looking to find a spot to get them in.  I get two limpers in front of me (go figure) and look down at 33 in my BB.  I decide to check and see what happens.  The flop is A K 3 and I lead out for 3500 and both call, which makes my turn play a very simple one when it’s a blank.  I shove and get called by AJ.  The river is a blank, so I more than double up.

I make another steal later in the hour and end the third hour with 35200 and 14 players left.
The fourth hour sees the blinds getting huge and we finally hit the final table on the last level.  I’m not getting anything to play, but stealing some to keep up with the blinds.  I draw seat 6 and have the big stacks in seats 7, 10, 1.  I end the hour with 25k chips and need to find a place to shove as while I’m nowhere near the shortest stack, I’ll only have 4BB when we come back from break.

It doesn’t take me long, as the very first hand back from break, I’m UTG and look down at ATo.  I’M ALL IN!  Everyone else mucks, so I get some badly needed chips (blinds/antes are 9900). 

The next hand that I’m involved in is two BB’s later.  In a prior hand, seat 7 lost about half their stack with KK vs KJ when the board ran out a J high straight and I know he’s on tilt.  He shoves and seat 1 re-shoves.  Well, due to the blinds and antes, I’m back down to 19k chips.  As I look down at my cards, seat 7 flips over his cards (AKs) and when he does, seat 1 flips over AKs too… I haven’t acted yet!  Needless to say, my chips are going in when I see QQ and 3BB, but it’s nice to know that they’re counterfeiting each other ahead of time.  The board runs out blanks, so I get a badly needed triple-up and am now a top 5 stack.  Needless to say, seat 7’s on pinball machine tilt now, even though he still has chips. 

I’m sitting with 60k+ chips, but now the blinds go up to 5k/10k/1k, so even though I’m a top 5 stack, I’m short!  As we near the bubble, I hit 3 really unfortunate hands. 

With 6 left, a shorty shoves (less than 1BB but more than my SB) and I look down at A8s.  Needless to say, I’m calling and checking it down with seat 7 to try and get rid of the shorty.  The shorty has AK and flops an A, so they triple up. 

The very next hand, seat 1 limps and I look down at 66 and call to try and get rid of the shorty again.  Go figure, the guy has AK again and flops a K. 

After seat 7 busts, we’re on the exact bubble and seat 9 shoves on my BB.  Seat 1 calls and it’s less than 1BB for me to call, so I’m in with ATC and actually have a hand with equity (JTs).  I hit a J, but seat 1 hits a Q on the flop and wins the hand, so we’re now ITM… however, calling these shorty shoves to bust the bubble has left me the shorty now.

Being short and ITM, I’m now looking for anything with equity to get my chips in with.  I look down at 56s and I’M ALL IN!  It folds around to seat 1, that calls for another BB (blinds are now 6k/12k) and flips over AJh.  The flop is Kc 5h 6h, so while I have two pair, they have outs.  The turn is the As, so they now have more outs.  The river is the 3h, so I get flushed on the river and go out in fifth for $150.  That one stings, as if I win the hand, I’m going to get at least 4th, if not 3rd, which is an extra $150-400 and have a shot at the $1350 on top.

I then decide to get on the $1/$2 cash game list as there are a number of tables running and I notice a number of fish at the feeder tables to the main game.  Dave’s at the main game, so I’m hoping to be in the feeder games for a while and avoid having to move to his table.

I start out buying in for the max ($200) when they open a new game on table 7 and I pick seat 4.  I immediately see who my target at the table is, seat 7, as the guy buys in for $75 and is totally blasted.  Easiest bet in the casino is OVER on how many beers he’s had.  The guy shoves the first two hands, then the third and finally gets called by seat 1 on the fourth and needless to say, punts his stack.  He rebuys for $50 and punts that off the next hand to seat 6.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of his chips. 

I do get into a profitable hand against seat 1 when I open-raise to $7 (table standard) with KK and get called.  I bet the flop and turn and river and get called on a T high board by AT and pick up a $65 pot.

My table now breaks and I’m off to table 4, seat 4.  I was hoping to get table 3, but with what happens in the first 20 min at this table, I’ll take where I’m at.  There are a number of very large stacks ($500+) and seat 8 is a really bad LAG. 

On seat 8’s BB, I get a total family pot as the whole table limped to me and I look down at J9 of spades and decide to call behind and see if I can flop a big one.  Everyone but seat 5 limps behind and seat 8 decides to raise to $12.  Every single player up to me calls, so I decide to call the raise too, as I’m getting great pot odds.  We see an 8-way flop of A64 with two spades.  Seat 8 has c-bet every single pot he’s been in so far, so I’m not surprised when he fires out $15 (his std c-bet).  With 2 callers before it gets to me, needless to say, I’m easily priced in to draw to the flush, so I call and so does one other.  The turn is another A and now seat 8 does something out of character.  He fires again, but instead of making his bet larger, he only bets $10.  That says to me that he’s got an ace and wants called.  Seat 9 calls and so do I, as I’m still well priced in to draw.  The river is the 8 of spades and seat 8 leads out for $50.  Seat 9 mucks and the action’s now on me.  I hit my flush, but I know the opp has an A.  The question is… does he have trips or a full house?  The way this guy plays, he’ll bet or bluff at anything, but only will call with a larger hand, so if I put him all-in, he’s only going to call with a full house.  Due to this, I decide to call and am a very happy camper when he shows A9 for trip A’s.  I show my flush and take down a HUGE pot.

As I’m stacking my chips, I get another one the next hand.  There is a raise to 10 and a call in front of me and I look down at 44.  Well, we’re deep enough to setmine, so I’m calling.  We see a 6-way flop of A64 with two hearts.  It checks to seat 3, whom bets $20.  This opp has shown they like suited cards, so I’m putting them on the flush draw, so with a set, I need to raise.  I bump it up to $70 and it folds back to seat 3, that tanks and calls.  The turn is the T of clubs and when he checks to me, I put out a stack of $100 which puts the opp all-in, if he calls.  It also prices out his flush draw.  He tanks for a couple minutes and decides to fold, so I win another good pot.

After being card dead for an hour, I decided to cash out and take my $415 profit, which will more than cover playing in a WSOP Circuit event next month.  While the day could have been better, I’ll still take it.