There were 36 players that showed up tonight to play.  I go over to table 3, seat 5 and see that my table draws get progressively WORSE every week.

Seat 1 is a younger guy that seems to be a decent player.  Seat 2 is an Asian guy seems to be a cash game player and has made some deep runs.  Seat 3 is a player that won the WSOP ME seat last year.  Seat 4 is some guy named Dave.   Seat 7 has won two weeks in this league session and seat 10 is some guy named JD.  Seats 6 and 8 are loose/passives and seat 9 is open.

We start off and the first orbit, I don’t play a hand, as I’m getting dealt a bunch of trash (Q2, J3, etc.).  There is action from the others, but I’m staying out of the way.  

On the second orbit, I call behind to setmine with 99, but the flop has two high cards, so I muck to the flop bets.

I then pick up AKs and make a standard raise to 150 and am called by seat 3.  The flop is low and red, so I decide to muck when seat 3 leads the flop.

The blinds go up to 50/100 and I now look down at AJo and open to 300.  I see a 3-way flop with an A and take this one down with a c-bet on the flop when the others fold.

A few hands later, I get an open-limp from seat 3 (knocked out seat 7 by open-limping AA already tonight and is one of the smartest players in the league) and I look down at QQ and raise to 400.  I get called and see a flop of 4 5 6.  He checks and I fire out 600… and check/raises me to 1600.  I’m putting him on some sort of pair, hoping that it’s an overpair, but underneath mine.  I decide to call.  The turn is another 6 and he bets enough to put me all-in and I call.  He turns over 44, so I’m out early. 

Looking back on it, if I was going to call the turn, I should have just 3-bet shoved the flop… but he’s not going anywhere with a set.  I could have also folded the turn, but it only would have left me with about 1500 chips and with where I’m at in the standings, only a top 3 finish will help me.  If this were a satellite format, I'd have mucked the turn.  So, since I had a score left that I can drop and it’s top 3 or bust… I went bust.  I have two more weeks to try to get a couple deep runs, or it will be off to the semis on the 26th.