There were 37 players that showed up last night.  When I get to my seat, table 105 seat 1, I now know what Bill Murray felt like in the movie Groundhog Day.  Once again, I basically got the absolute worst seat in the tourney.  I have one of the better players in seat 2, some guy named Dave in seat 3 and Cowboy in seat 6.  The rest of the table is a mix of tight passives and one loose passive.  Having 2 of the 3 best opps seated to my direct left is NOT a good situation.  Although, I did get a good laugh when I got to my seat, as JD the joker, puts a seat card that says ‘FISH’ in front of my chip stack.

The night starts off and I see that I win something, the BB the first hand.  I get junk and fold both blinds.  On the third hand, I look down at ATs and make a standard raise to 150.  When it folds to Dave, I’m ready for him to play back at me with basically anything, as the BB hadn’t shown up yet.  To my surprise, he folds, so I win my first pot.

In the next orbit, I get a limp from the loose passive and from the tight passive to my right, I make a standard raise to 250 when I look down at AQs.  Everyone mucks, so I pick up another one.  With where I’m at in the standings, I don’t need to ladder climb anymore. I’m out to try to accumulate chips for a top 4 for cash and points. 

The next hand, I get the same two limpers (go figure that one) and look down at AJs and make a raise from the CO to 250.  This time, I get the button and the loose passive to call.  The flop is a total miss for me, but when it folds to me, I make a c-bet of 375.  Yes, it’s a bit small, but it was a small, dry board.  I get flatted by the button and the loose passive goes away.  The turn is another miss, but it does give me a flush draw.  I decide to semi-bluff and fire the second barrel for 625 and am snap-called.  The river is another blank and when I check to him, he bets out 750.  If I had better, I would have called him, but without being able to beat a bluff (nor AK nor AQ), I decide to give it up.

An orbit later, when I’m in the SB, I get a limpfest and decide to complete into a family pot with 78o.  I see a flop of 789 and lead out with bottom two pair.  I get called by the BB and the loose passive.  The turn is a K, so I follow up with a second barrel that is called by the BB.  My plan for the hand now is that I’m leading any non 9 nor K river card.  Well, guess what comes on the river… another K.  There goes my hand, as I’m putting the opp on a 9 and the K just counterfeited me.  I check and have to give it up to a river bet by seat 2.

The next hand I’m involved in is a big one.  We’re at 100/200 and I look down at AQ clubs and make a standard raise to 500.  Dave flats and then Cowboy flats, which is trouble and even more trouble.  I see a 3-way flop of 7 4 3 with two clubs.  I make a c-bet and both call.  I’ve got the nut flush draw, but I know that both of them have something too.  The turn is another 3 and now the fireworks start.  Dave leads and Cowboy shoves.  Into the tank I go.  I’m expecting them both to have a hand here and am putting Dave on an overpair because I know he’s capable of flatting me with say 99-QQ there and with the shove, I’m putting Cowboy on a pair too and could easily be a full house.  If I was up against one opp, I’d be getting the right odds in a huge pot, to call to my 9 outs if the opp has a pair, but with Dave to act behind me…. Is my flush even going to be good if I hit it???  After a couple minutes, I decide to muck and Dave snap-calls.  Dave flips over 77 for top boat and Cowboy flips over QQ.  I was on the right track with reading them, but flipped what I was putting them on.  Either way, I was drawing dead, so I made the correct decision to muck. 

I hit the break with only 925 chips from my 4k starting stack.  I also notice that we haven’t even broken a table yet, so nobody’s busting and we still have over 30 left.

The break is now over and the antes kick in, so I’m looking for anything to shove with.  My first shove is when I pick up ATo and take another one down preflop.

The second one, I’m in the BB and of all people, Dave opens.  It folds to me and I’m priced in to go with just about anything and when I look down at A2, it’s an easy decision to shove... and since it’s not even a blind more, Dave can call with 2 wet napkins, let alone a hand with equity (which I know he has since he opened from EP).  He flips over 77 and for the 4th time in 6 weeks, here we go again… I’m all in with Dave as the opp.  Dave gets a 7 on the flop, so at least this one was quick and didn’t drag out to the river.  I’m out in 29th place.  Dave did put my chips to good use, as he got a FT and ITM finish and as for JD… he should have put the FISH sign in front of his stack, as he was the first of the three of us out.

It’s not the finish I wanted (especially another loss to Dave), but I get to drop my two worst scores, so this one WILL be in the drop column.  Hopefully I have this out of my system, as I’m going to be playing in HPT event 1 on Friday and event 2 on Saturday this weekend.