Thirty six players showed up to play week 5.  This number surprised me because it was more than the prior week, even with the rain that caused some pretty bad traffic getting to the casino (took me almost twice as long to get there compared to normal).

I sit down at table 108 seat 2 and see three others already seated.  Two seats to my left is a player that is ranked #1 in the league (because he won back-to-back weeks).   Seat 6 is a LAG that wants to be in every pot and seat 8 is a young kid that knows how to accumulate chips.  As we’re almost ready to start a really short table that looks like a bad seat draw for me, I hear the biggest shark in the ocean say with a big ol’ grin on his face… “Is this table 8 seat 3?”  I don’t even need to look to see who it is, because I’d know that voice anywhere and now it’s totally confirmed that I have the absolute worst seat in the tourney when Dave sits down in the seat to my left.

We start off five handed and the first hand I get involved in, I have pocket 5’s and call a bet and a raise to setmine.  The flop is KQJ and when Dave bets, I know I’ve got 2 outs and need to muck.
The next hand is a big one that I’d rather forget even happened.  I get a limp from the LAG and a raise to 300 from the new player in seat 6.  I look down at two black aces and 3-bet to 900.  Both opps call.  The flop is Q 9 8 and when it checks to me, I decide to bet 950 (we only start with 4k chips).  Looking back on this bet, I really screwed this one up.  Since I’m already basically locked into the semis, I should have just shoved instead of trying to play cautious.  A big mistake on my part when the LAG calls.  The turn is a 10, so now there are 4 to a straight on the board and an opp has called two huge bets already.  I check and go figure, he bombs the turn.  I’m really not happy with my flop bet now and have to muck my aces.  It’s one thing when you get unlucky in a hand, but ones were I totally mess up the hand is a different story.

I’m now involved in another big hand.  There is a raise in front of me and I look down at AK clubs on the button.  I decide to call the raise in position and try to outplay the opps post-flop.  However, seat 3 now says... “I’M ALL IN!” Seat 7 now re-shoves for a bit more than Dave has.  Into the tank I go.  I’m expecting at least one to have a pair and I’m putting Dave on a range of AQ+, 99+, but I’ve got both players covered.  I decide to call and flip over my AKs (Dave thought I had QQ when I called) and he flips over AKo.  Great.  If the other guy has a pair, now I’m totally counterfeited, as Dave and I have each other’s outs.  To our surprise, seat 7 flips over AT!  I can’t hardly believe that I’m ahead and could be freerolling Dave.  The board runs out blanks, so Dave and I chop the pot.

Soon after this, we hit the third level.  Our table breaks and I’m off to table 7 seat 8.  This seat’s better.  I’ve got the winner of the seat from the last league in seat 7, so he’s on my right and across the table in the 2 seat is JD.  The first hand I get involved in here is one where seats 3 and 4 limp and I look down at AQo.  I’m definitely not limping behind them with others still to act behind me, so to punish the limpers, I make a standard raise to 900.  The both muck and I take down my first pot of the night. 

As soon as I get done stacking my chips, I get a tap on my shoulder from the floor saying that I’m being moved to balance tables and I’m off to table 5 seat 6.  I go from the worst seat in the tourney to one that I can take advantage of… and I’m moving.  UGH!  As I get to table 5, I see that at least Dave is now on my right side, as he’s in seat 4. 

I muck the first couple hands at the table, then on Dave’s BB, I look down at AA and make the table standard raise to 600.  I was hoping to get action, but I take this one down preflop when Dave shows folding 28o.  Granted my opening range crushes 28o, but it is ahead of one hand in it... lol.  The very next hand, I look down at TT from UTG, make another raise to 600 and take down another one preflop.  I end the hour with 4250 chips, up from the 4k starting stack, but over double what I had at my lowest point.

As we come back from break, we’re down to 30 left, so table 7 breaks.  The one notable add to the table is seat 2, the LAG that I had to muck AA to.  As the antes kick in, I’m going back to the cards I saw Friday.  Junk, junk and more junk.  The best hand I got was one where I see a free flop with a misfit (69o).  Needless to say, I miss and muck to a flop bet.

Just before the end of the level, I pick up ATs and open again for 600 and am called by a very loose player.  The flop is A 8 4 and I make an 800 chip c-bet.  She goes into the tank and after a minute or so, says “I don’t believe you, but since there’s an ace on the board, I’ll give it to you”.  With her saying that, I really wanted a call, as I’m miles ahead of her range (probably had a gutshot or lower pair).

The blinds are up to 200/400/50 and I’m card dead there the first orbit.  I now get an open-limp from the LAG in seat 2 (I do notice something that Dave pointed out to me too afterwards), that he was reaching for chips for a raise, then decided to limp.  It folds to me and I look down at AK diamonds and decide to raise it to 1300 (which is right on the edge of pot-committing me).  I sized it this way because I wanted to make it look like I could fold and encourage a re-raise, even though I knew that I was committed to the hand and was NOT folding.  Seat 2 shoves and I call.  AKs is way ahead of this guy’s range, but unfortunately for me, he’s at the top of his range with AA.  I get a K on the flop and brick the rest of the board, so I’m out in 21st.  Even if I had just called pre, with TPTK against his range, the chips were going into the pot anyway.  Dave follows right behind me, as he went out in 20th.

I blew the AA hand and really misplayed that one badly, but over the last week, I’ve been totally card dead, had to muck aces and ran AKs into aces.  That means that I’ve got all that out of my system, so that I can go try to get what I want for my b-day tomorrow… a WSOP Circuit ME seat. 

I did have a nice surprise when I got home last night though.  I found out that the other site that I play on named me ‘Player of the Week’.  First they list me in an e-mail under a paragraph labeled ‘Speaking of Sharks’, now this.  Guess I’ve got a target on me there and won’t be able to get away with saying that I’m a clueless, generic, random, fish anymore... LOLOL.