There were only 34 players that showed up for the league tonight.  This was surprising, as with 66 players still eligible for at least getting into the semis, I would have expected something in the mid 40’s.  Yes, the weather was cold and rainy, so that may have kept a few from showing up, but not that many.


I start out at table 6, seat 8.  When I first get to the table, I look and see a table where I should have a skill edge on basically the entire table.  This however changes about the time that the cards are about to be dealt as some guy named Dave walks up and takes seat 6.  At least he’s on my right and not on my left.

We start out and I see how this night’s going to go from the first orbit of hands.  Muck, muck, muck, repeat.  The first orbit, I didn’t see a card over an 8. 

The first hand I get involved in, Dave makes a standard open to 150.  I look down at AKo and decide to flat since it’s early and I’ve got position on my most dangerous opponent.  Two others also flat, including the station in seat 4 that is playing just about anything, and we see a flop of 2 4 A.  Dave makes a c-bet and we call.  The turn is a 3, not exactly the card that I want to see.  Dave leads again, I flat and seat 10 shoves.  It folds to me and into the tank I go.  I figured that I was ahead of Dave, but seat 10 could have just about anything here and not only is two pair in their range, but no way am I ruling out 5x too.  I muck, as I don’t want to over-value TPTK on a wet board and lose over half my stack in the process.  Seat 10 turns over AT.

At the 50/100 blind level when I look down at 77 and make a standard open to 300… and get not one or two, but three callers.  The flop is KJ4 and with three opps and two broadway cards, since most likely one of them has a K or J, I opt not to c-bet and check.  The rest of the table checks behind and the turn is an 8.  I check again and so do the others.  The river is a 10 and it gets checked down.  Somehow, my 77 holds and I win my first pot of the night.  With four overs and 3 opps, I was shocked to win that one.

I end the first hour with 3550 in chips, down from my 4k starting stack.  The good news, however is that players are busting early and often tonight, as we’re almost down to 2 tables already.
We get back from break and the antes kick in.  The whole first level, not only didn’t I get a hand to play, I had to muck twice when it folded to me in the SB.  My range there is huge and I still couldn’t find a hand to raise with (46o and 24o).  We do get back to a full table, as we’re down to two tables left.

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and I’m looking for any situation that I can to get my chips into.  I get my chance when I get two limps in front of me.  Seat 4 limps (go figure that the table station limps) and Dave limps behind.  I have 2025 in chips (5BB) and look down at 77.  With the station in the hand already and the one that I’m looking to have double me, I shove.  It folds to the station, that calls (go figure) and then Dave decides to call.  The flop is A8x. The stationy guy checks and Dave shoves.  That is not good because I’m putting Dave on a range of Ax or a middle pair plus… and all of the aces just got there.  Seat 4 folds and Dave turns over 99.  The board runs out blank, blank, so of all the people left, Dave takes me out again in 18th place.  Sooner or later, we’re going to draw different tables, so we don’t have to beat up on each other before the final table. 

I was 23rd going into tonight, so maybe I can move up a few places, but I need either multiple final tables or a top 3 to have a shot to get straight to the finals… but at least I’m not sweating not making the semis.  If nothing else, I have been very consistent these four weeks.

On a better note, I did take down a 519 player freeroll for $90 last Wednesday.  They made the mistake of leaving me with 2BB when there were 10 players left, instad of yanking my chair out from under me.

Hopefully I will have some better news and situations to blog about from the WSOP Circuit Event 1B that I am playing on Friday.  Dave’s playing in it too, so it would be nice if both of us can get runs going.  It’s a 10k starting stack, $365 buy-in with a $500k guaranteed prize pool.