There were 37 players that showed up to play tonight.  I start out at table 8, seat 8 and hope to make the best of it, as this is always the first table to break. 

The first orbit is very quiet, as I'm not getting anything for cards, then I look down at QJ of diamonds in the BB.  I've got 2 limpers in front of me, so I decide to check and see a free flop of K 8 6, all diamonds.  With one of the opps being very active and somewhat aggressive postflop, I decide to check and when they bet 150, I call.  The turn pairs the K, so now I decide to lead out for 250 and get called by seat 10.  The river is a black 3 and I lead for 375 and am called.  I show my flush and take down a decent pot.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and when it folds to me on the button, I make a standard raise to 250 with JT.  Both blinds muck and I win another one.  The next orbit, when I'm in the cutoff, it folds to me and I look down at 45 of spades and once again raise to 250 and take down another one.

The blinds now go to 100/200 and my table breaks.  I move to table 5, seat 3 and when I get there, I see that I get the better of the table draw, as there are only two that I really need to watch out for.  That changes some as another table breaks and some guy named Dave ends up in seat 9 along with one other of the top 10 that goes into seat 1.  I'm pretty card dead here and end the first hour with 4450.

The antes kick in and here is where the fun begins.  On my SB, there are 2 limps and I look down at 33 and decide to complete and see if I can hit a set.  After missing a number of hands set mining over the weekend in some cash games, the law of averages says that I'm about to make up for it.  The flop is a perfect one for me, A K 3.  I lead out for 750 and everyone folds.  I thought I'd be getting a bunch of action there, as with that many in the pot, you'd think someone had an A... guess not.

When it gets to Dave's BB, it folds to me and I look down at 88 and make a standard raise to 500.  Seat 7 shoves on me (950) and it folds back to me.  With plenty of chips in the pot, it's an easy call.  I flip over my pair and see that I'm in a race with KQ of spades.  The first card on the flop is the 8 of spades, but there is also the 10 of spades.  The turn is a red A, so now they have even more outs.  River... 6 of spades, so my set gets flushed on the river.  UGH!

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and I get a raise to 975 from seat 5, one of the two largest stacks at the table and when it folds to me, I look down at QQ in the SB.  With 3700 in front of me, any raise pot-commits me, so I'M ALL IN!  I get snap-called by seat 5 and when he flips over KK, I see that I'm in deep trouble as 80-20 underdog.  That changes dramatically though, as the middle card on the flop is a Q!  I fade the two outs and double up.

The blinds go up to 300/600/75 and Dave's now starting to get really short as other players are busting and we are now down to 2 tables.  On his BB where he's basically priced in for ATC, I'm just hoping that I can pick up anything to raise with so that I can pay him back for doing the same to me last week.  I end up looking down at A9o, but unfortunately for me, seat 2 has already raised to 1500 and with him being one of the better players in the league, he's not doing it light because he's smart enough to know that Dave will be playing anything and the hand will go to showdown, so I have to muck my A9.  Dave goes all-in and runs into seat 2's QQ that turns into a set.  If seat 2 would have folded, I'd have made the same open-raise to 1500 and ended up taking Dave out, as both an A and a 9 hit the board.

A couple hands later, I pick up QQ and make a standard raise to 1500 and take down another pot.  I end the second hour with 8600 chips and 17 players left.

The third hour starts with the blinds at 500/1k/100 and I get three big problems.  First, I go totally card dead.  Next, the tourney bigstack gets moved to seat 1.  He's already ko'd me once, is one of the top players in the league and turns into the designated card rack.  He's already got chips and is now getting pocket paint after pocket paint after pocket paint.  Third, nobody's busting?!

I do get one opportunity to steal a set of blinds with KT on a raise to 2500 from the button when the big stacks in seats 1 and 2 both muck.

Right toward the end of the 20 minute level, we have 13 left and imagine this, seat 1 opens to 2200, his std open.  By now, he's playing about every hand too.  I'm looking for about any spot to get my chips into as I'm down to 6400 and the blinds are coming and soon to go up too.  I look down at 99 and I'M ALL IN!  It folds around to seat 1, that snap-calls and flips over QQ.  His hand holds and I'm out in 13th.

We have one more qualifying week next Tuesday, then I'll be in the semis at 3pm on the 17th.  things started to turn a little tonight, so hopefully this keeps up, as I'm long, long overdue for a deep run.  I had four final tables in the last league, but only one this time where I just barely made a FT.  I'm hoping the run is two weeks from now, when the WSOP ME seat's on the line.