There were only 36 players that showed up tonight.  I expected there to be a few less that showed up, but that’s a considerable drop-off from the first six weeks.

I start out at table 3, seat 10 and immediately notice someone looking right at me from seat 7… yep, Dave.  He was the only one at the table to start with that I thought I needed to worry about, as the rest were either way loose or way too tight and most are passive players.

I start off right away by looking down at AKs from UTG and make a standard raise to 150.  Everyone mucks and I pick up an easy one. 

When I get to the cutoff, I look down at 33 and open again.  This time I get called and see a flop of Q J 3.  Seat 4 checks and I fire out 225, which he calls.  The turn is an 8 and when he checks again, I fire out 350.  This time he mucks and I take down my first real pot of the night.
The blinds now go up to 50/100 and I pick up 77 and standard open again to 300.  Everyone mucks and I win another one. 

Now we run into a problem.  Nobody is out yet and I get a min-raise to 200 by seat 4, the loose guy.  It folds to me in the BB.  I look down at AA and make a standard 3-bet to 600 that is snap-called.  The flop is J 9 8.  Being first to act, I’m absolutely making a c-bet here and opt for 800.  The opp with 2050 in front of him shoves.  Well, I’ve already got 1400 in and I’m not folding for 1250 more, so I call.  What does the guy flip over… T7 of hearts?!  Who in their right mind is going to snap-call a 3-bet from a known tighter player with T7?  The turn is another 8, so I at least I have some outs for the river, but it’s a total miss.  Luckily, I had the guy covered or I’d have won the turd award.  Note to self:  Next time, don’t pull the bullets out of Wile E Coyote’s ACME box, LOL!  I’ve run so bad this league, about the only thing that hadn’t happened to me yet was exploding bullets, well, I can definitely cross that one off the list.

This cripples me and leaves me with 1300 in chips, down from my 4k starting stack.  The blinds go up to 100/200 and I’m now looking for any situation to accumulate chips.  Luckily with Dave on my right, I don’t have to worry as much about him, as I can try to steal more after he folds (since he’s the only one currently at the table that might pick up on what I’m doing).  I get one situation in the first orbit.  I open to 500 with 33 and pick up some chips.  I then get AJ after 3 limps, needless to say, that’s a ship, and I pick up more badly needed chips.  At the end of the first hour, I end with 2500, which is a much better situation than I was in 30 minutes ago.

Just before the break, one of the tables breaks, so we’re down to 30 left.  This makes it a bit more interesting, as the league leader (Cowboy Larry) moves into seat 9 and seat 8 is another of the top 10 and better players in the league.  At least they’re on my right.

The antes kick in and I’m looking for any situation to get chips, but now I’m going card dead.  I couldn’t even steal when it was folded to me on the button the first two times… not good.  The next hand I’m in is another steal.  There are two limps and I pick up QTs and with less than 10BB, I’M ALL IN!  Everyone folds again and I pick up some badly needed chips. 

The next hand I get involved in is from the BB.  The league leader in the SB completes and I look down at K4o and since I know he’s got something with potential, I check and see a free flop of K 9 8.  He leads into me and I decide to flat (should have just shoved the flop and this one goes into the bad play column. Yes, we all make mistakes).  The turn is another 9 and he now makes a larger turn bet that would pot-commit me.  Well, he’s not firing without something and either he has a 9 and has me crushed, or he’s got a K with a better kicker and has me crushed, as he’s not firing two bullets with air.  Since both combos that make sense, beat me, I muck my two pair.  It’s a good thing too, as he says after the hand that he should have checked and let me bet the turn with his trips.  If he did check, I’d have had to hit my 2 outer to beat him, as a bet would have pot-committed me.

The blinds go up to 200/400/50 and if I thought I was card dead the last level, I hadn’t seen anything yet.  I go 2 orbits without seeing a card higher than a 9.  Nothing!  It gets to my BB and I’m now down to 900 chips and I basically have to play the hand regardless.  It folds around to seat 7 and leave it to Dave to try to isolate me, knowing that I’ve got to play ATC.  Seats 8 and 9 get out of the way and in go my chips blind.  Dave flips over 77 and I flip over Q4o.  At least I’ve got an overcard, as it’s the first face card that I’ve seen at this blind level.  I pick up some extra outs on the flop, as I hit a 4.  Unfortunately, I miss the turn and river, so I’m out in 23rd place.

That finish basically rules out getting into the top 10, minus binking the next two weeks, but as long as I show up the next two weeks, I will qualify for the semis.  Hopefully next week will be better.