There were 46 players that showed up tonight for the league, which was surprising, as it’s more people than the few previous weeks.  Normally the number drops off some each week, but it’s a good thing, as it helps keep us above the average needed to get $10k in the prize pool to have more of the leagues after this one.

I draw table 6, seat 7.  Not necessarily a good thing, as while table 6 is used for the final table, I’ve had no luck starting there.  It gets more interesting when I see a number of familiar faces, especially seats 6 and 9, as seat 6 is Cowboy that took me out last week.

The night starts off and I pick up TT and get an unknown, that gets a LAG tag very quickly, that opens to 250 after a limp.  I call the 250 and we see a 4-way flop.  The flop has both a K and a Q, so when the betting starts, into the muck my tens go.

Two hands later, I pick up QQ and make a standard raise to 150 and get 3 callers.  The flop is three unders and I make a c-bet of 375, which is called by the lag.  The turn is a blank and I fire again, 675 this time.  The lag tanks, then mucks K7s face-up, so I win my first pot.

The blinds now go up and I pick up AK on the button and call a raise to 325 (the lag’s std for this level).  The flop is Q/rag/rag and when he bets, I muck.

I now get into it with the lag again.  I pick up pocket 10’s again and raise to 300.  The flop is 2 4 6 with two hearts.  With him having shown suited cards and basically just about ATC so far, I make a c-bet of 375 and get called.  The turn is a 6 and when he checks, I bet 675, which is called.  The river is another 4 and now he leads into me, but for a very small amount of 550.  I know both a 4 and 6 are in his range, but also a 2 or a bluff, so I decide to call.  He flips over 35?! And takes down the pot when I muck my tens.

The blinds go up to 100/200 and I make a standard raise to 700 when I get a limper (guess who) and look down at AJ.  The flop totally misses me and when he bets again, I muck and he shows second pair.  Now the lag starts to try to run over the table, he’s raising and playing everything, showing all of his cards (bad idea) and getting hit by the deck left and right.  He’s now shown such great hands as K7o, Q7s, AJ twice (called a shove with one of them), and 59o.

My next hand is the last one before break (guess I should have looked at the clock, as my history of last hand before break hands are bust after bust).  I get two limps, you know one of them, and look down at ATs on the button.  I decide to raise to 850.  I get called by the BB and the limpers muck.  I know that call is trouble, as it’s the other player that I have extensive play with, noted when I first got to the table and know he’s tighter and has some sort of real hand.  The flop is 9 4 2 and he shoves (was the right play due to his short stack and the size of the pot).  With nothing, I muck and he shows 99.  I end the first hour with 3000 chips, down from my starting stack of 4k.  I also notice something else, nobody is busting, as we’ve still got 41 left in.

The second hour starts and here come the antes.  The first orbit is nothing, as I’m getting trash for cards.  A table finally breaks and we get one of the better players in seat 2 (the open seat at the table). 

When I get to UTG, I have 2450 in front of me after anteing and look down at AKo.  Here, I decide to change things up from my normal play and do something out of character, based on my chip stack.  With as often as the lag is coming over the top of people now, instead of my standard open to 500, I decide to move it up to 650.  I’m trying to isolate him, as I’m more than happy to play AK against his range of just about ATC.  It also is a bet that basically pot-commits me (although I think seats 9, 6 and 2 are probably the only ones that might recognize it).  Seat 8, a tight passive, calls the 650.  He’s definitely got something if he’s calling.  It now folds to seat 2 that goes into the tank.  He’s got to have something, and I’m pretty sure that he’s smart enough to see that I intentionally pot-committed myself and made a larger bet than normal.  He does a double take on the bets and after a minute or so, decides to fold.  It now folds to the lag that does exactly what I think he will… comes over the top and bets 6k.  I snap-call and seat 8 goes into the tank and decides to muck.  I flip over my AK and of all the things for the lag to have, he’s got AA.  The flop is A 8 8, so I’m drawing dead and out in 38th. 

That’s three times in a week now, in live games that I’ve been an ace magnet and run real hands into AA, seven if you count the online games I’ve played.  That streak has to end sooner or later and I hope that it does in week 10 when the WSOP ME seat is on the line.