There were 50 players that showed up tonight to play the league and it was a welcome sight to see more show up for week two than for week 1, as this will help to get the overall prize pool above $10k, so that some of the others in the finals might make some extra cash too instead of just giving away a WSOP-ME seat to the finals winner.  I ended up with an extra hundred for making the final table in the first league that I played.

I start out at table 6 seat 1 and here are my initial reads on the table.  Seat 2 is an unknown.  Seat 3 is a smarter player that is one of the best at the table.  Seat 4 is tighter and passive.  Seats 5 and 6 are ones I’m looking to take chips from if I get a chance.  Seat 7 is an unknown.  Seat 8 is a smarter tight player.  Seat 9 is loose passive and seat 10 is another unknown.

The first hand I get involved, seat 10 open-limps (the third time she’d limped).  I look down at KQ of hearts and raise to 200.  It folds to seat 10 that calls.  The flop is KJ9 with two hearts, giving me top pair/second kicker and a gutshot straight flush draw.  She checks and I bet 250, that is called.  The turn is the 3 of clubs, so there are now two flush draws out there.  When she checks to me, I bet 500, that is called.  The river is the 2 of clubs, so when she checks to me again, since I have showdown value, I decide to check behind.  It’s a good thing that I did, as she flips over K9 for flopped two pair.  After seeing her call down another opponent, I’m definitely changing my notes from unknown to calling station as she never bets, but once in a hand, will hardly ever fold either.

I now see a raise to 125 and a 3-bet to 475 in front of me and look down at 66.  With the original raiser being one of the best players at the table and knowing that both of us should know that the 3-bet could be about anything, I decide to muck as I’m expecting a 4-bet.  My instincts were right too, as there was not only a 4-bet, but a 5-bet shove, that was mucked to.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and I pick up AQ in the small blind and have a raise to 225 and 4 calls in front of me.  Considering that the two tightest players at the table are in the hand, I decide to flat and see the flop, instead of 3-betting.  The flop is K 7 4 and after I check, there is a bet and a raise, so needless to say, I’m mucking my AQ.

The next hand I get involved in is from the SB.  Seat 4 raises to 225 and seat 6 decides to 3-bet to 675.  I look down at AK of clubs.  I decide to flat, as I was hoping to see a flop before shoving into a 3-way pot.  That doesn’t happen as seat 4 shoves and seat 6 mucks.  This creates an interesting situation, as I know seat 4 is smart enough to shove a good sized range of cards here and with seat 6 mucking, I’d now end up in a heads-up pot.  I run the numbers in my head and I need to call 2250 into a pot that will be 6550, so I’ve got about 1/3 pot equity to call.  Well, unless I’m up against AA or KK, my AKs has well over this amount, as the majority of the opp’s range put me in a flip.  If I give the opp the range of AK, AQs+, 88+ then from pokerstove, I’ve got 46.1% equity, which is much higher than my pot equity.  If I add in AQo to their range, then I’m actually a small equity favorite.  I decide to make the call and the opp turns over pocket 10’s.  The board runs out J 8 4 J 3 and I’m out.

We only have to keep our top 7 scores, so with ending up in the bottom 5, this will definitely be a drop score for me.  I felt the chance in the AK hand was worth the risk, as winning the pot would have set me up for a run deeper into the tourney and it was a +EV play.  I could have shoved initially, instead of calling first, but I didn’t want to risk being in a 3-way pot, as that would dramatically lower my hand equity.   Also, at the end of the 9 qualifying weeks, if I’m in anywhere from 11th to 40th place, I get the same result… being in the semi-finals, so it’s worth taking a chance or two for a deep run to try to get into the top 10, especially if you play enough weeks to drop a score or two.  I’ll be in at least 8 of the qualifying weeks, if not all nine, so I get to drop this score.  We’ll see where I’m at after another two weeks, as I may skip the 13th of August and play an HPT bounty tourney instead of the league game, but that will depend on where I’m at in the standings.