There were 37 players that showed up tonight to play the league game.  Normally the first week attracts the most players, so only having 37 is kind of disappointing.  I start off at table 3 seat 10, Dave's on table 6.

The first hour is really uneventful for me, as I'm really card dead.  I did however have fireworks at my table early, as AA and KK got it all-in preflop and a K hit on the flop.  I was only involved in two hands (minus two that I saw a free flop and mucked my trash on the flop).  I made a standard open-raise preflop to 150 and had everyone muck to my pocket 6's.  The other was that I picked up pocket 3's where I limped behind to setmine and got a flop of A 10 3.  The SB made a min-bet lead and with a possible straight out there into a 3-way pot, I'm not going to give him a +EV draw and raised to 800.  The opp quickly mucked to the raise.  I ended the first hour with just under the starting stack with 30 players left.  There were a number of new players there tonight, but the table that I drew, I knew the majority of the players from previous leagues and the ones that I knew had some pretty solid players, especially seats 3, 8 and 9.  Seat 1 was a tight player that I knew, but he was the one whose AA got cracked.   The new player they moved in to replace him was an unknown, along with seats 4 and 7.

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.  At 100/200/25, I pick up JJ from UTG+1, make a standard raise to 500 and take down another one uncontested.  The next hand I'm involved in is at the end of this level, as I pick up 66 and once again, I raise to 500 and am called by seat 3 (10th at the final table of the finals last week).  The flop comes K 8 3 and if I make a c-bet, I don't think he's going to play back at me without a K or set, so I lead out for 800.  The opp quickly folds and I take down another pot. 

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and I pick up AA from UTG.  I make another standard raise to 1k (2.5BB) and take down another one.  That was the only hand that I got that was playable.  28, 39, 49, 27, etc, etc.  I was looking for something to get into a hand with, but sometimes the cards just won't cooperate.

The blinds now go up to 300/600/75 and I'm still totally card dead.  On my BB, the opp in seat 6 that had just lost a pot, then won one as a 1 chip short-stack shoves.  It folds to me and since I've already got him covered, I'm in the hand and flip over 8 10 off.  He has a K and hits not one, but two kings.  Right before break, we're down to 20 left and I get moved to table 5 seat 9.  This table has three others from my first table and of the six that were already at the table, I only know one of them, seat 7.  He's definitely a legit player, as he won the finals two league sessions ago (when I wasn't able to play) and has his ME seat already.  Having the unknowns makes it a bit more interesting, as I need to get a read on them for later in the series.  The last hand before break at my new table was an interesting one, as there were three all-in's.  KK vs QQ vs 44.  That knocks out two players, so there are 18 left.  I've got 2250 in chips, but lose the 50 when the greens are colored up, so I'm at break with 2200 chips.

The blinds now go up to 500/1000/100 and with 2BB left, I'm looking for any hand with some equity to get my chips in with.  The first hand I see is 29o, so it's a muck.  The second hand is 38s, so it's a muck.  However, seat 2 busts on this hand, leaving us with 17 players left.  

The next hand, I look down at KJo and since I've got the blinds coming, this is good enough and I shove my last 1900 into the pot.  It folds around to an unknown (the KK guy from the last hand before break) that raises to 2800.  Everyone else folds and of all things to have him flip over...pocket rockets.  YIKES!  The board runs out four low cards and a Q, so I'm out in 17th place. 

In a ten week series like this, there are going to be some weeks where you're just not going to get many playable cards and this one definitely qualifies for that.  Trying to look for a positive, I did earn more league points tonight than I did in 8 of the 9 qualifying weeks last time.  Seeing how I ended up 25th last time, this is a start at a better number and a score better than a number of players from the top 10 from the final standings in the last league had to keep.  If they made the top 10 with keeping a worse score, at least it's a start.  Hopefully next week will bring a few more playable situations.