I was in Milwaukee over the weekend and decided to go to Potawatomi Casino on Friday.  I started the day out in their OTB and couldn't hit a thing, which is really unusual for me, as I'm a better than average handicapper.  After dinner, it was off to the poker room.  I had my choice of 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 limit games, 1/2 NL, 3/5NL, 1/2 PLO, 5/10 PLO. 

I could have played the limit tables, but decided to go to a 1/2 NL table.  I bought in for the table max, which was also surprising, as it was $300 (most casinos are 100BB or $200).  I also noticed that the buy-ins for the higher games was larger than I expected too.  I even got a seat right away (could have sat immediately at the 2/4 or 3/6 limit games too.  This was a very pleasant surprise, as the last time I was there, I didn't even get to play poker, as the wait list was too long (was over 20 deep for both the 2/4 and 3/6 limit games).

I sit in seat 7 and immediately see that this is the type of table that I should be able to take advantage of.  There were 4 tight passive players, 4 loose passive and 1 TAG in the other seats.  Later in the session, there was one reg that was a LAG that started in seat 10, but almost as soon as she sat down, seat 6 left, so she switched... great table positioning for me. 

The first hand, I look down at a pair of black kings.  With 3 limpers in front of me, I raise it to $12 and the limpers along with both blinds stay.  Flop... you know it's coming... A 9 3.  I make a c-bet of $20 and everyone folds.  A 6-way pot and my KK holds on an ace high board, I'll take that all night long.

The next hand I'm involved in, I get AK, make a standard raise preflop that is called by two opps.  The flop comes K 9 4 with two spades.  I lead out for $15 and get one caller.  The turn is an A and I lead out for $20 and take down another one.

I go an orbit with nothing, then pick up 77 in the SB and complete to setmine into a family pot.  The flop is an absolute jackpot for me, A 9 7.  I lead out and am called, then raised by the button, which I call and the other opp folds.  The turn is a 5, which should be a blank (the opp would have called with a draw, as they were stationy).  This time, I check to the button that bets $20.  I raise to $50 and am called.  The river is another 5.  I lead out for $40 (hoping he'd raise), but he only calls and turns over AK.  I show my full house and take down a good sized pot.

I then pick up a couple other smaller pots. One with AA (checked to me in the SB and opp folded to a raise to $6) and another with 66 (semi-bluffed the flop when I missed it, as the table was scared of me.. so figured a steal here and there was in order).

The next hand I'm involved in was an interesting one.  I had folded for 3 straight orbits as I was getting total trash for cards.  I pick up A8 diamonds in the HJ and when it folds to me, I open for $6.  The CO, button, SB and BB come along to see a flop of A 8 3 rainbow.  I lead out for $15 and only the CO calls.  The turn is the 7 of spades, giving a spade flush draw.  I lead out for $20 and the CO now min raises me.  I had seen this guy play ace/rag all night, as he's one that could not fold an ace preflop regardless and the min raise just screamed A7 to me.  He was playing very loose passive preflop, but post flop was playing fit/fold and mucked unless he had a piece of the flop, so while he could have a set of 3's, a set of 7's just didn't make sense with his other flop plays.  The river is a rainbow 2.  I lead out for $40, he snap-calls and says "I win with 2 pair".  My reply is.. "I've got top two, so if you've got two pair, I'm at least chopping it".  The guy takes his A7 and angrily mucks them face up into the pot.

The next hour, I'm pretty much treading water.  Win a small one, lose a small one.  Missed a couple flops that I saw and missed a flush draw (it cost me about $40 to see the last two cards, but I was priced in, so had to see it). 

I then pick up 66 in the BB and get 3 limpers, then a raise to $8.  I call, trying to setmine and I'm pretty sure that if I hit, my hand's concealed, as I had been raising everyting that I had opened all night.  The flop comes 6 J J.  I lead out for $25 and get a tight passive/TAG (was playing both ways) that had about $500 in front of him call me.  I immediately put him on a pair or J, more likely a decent pair, as I saw him slowplay KK once earlier and caught a K high flop (how he got to $500.  He slowplayed it pre and on the flop, but then was aggressive on the turn/river).  The turn is an 8 that put a club flush draw out there.  I lead out for $40 and the opp calls.  The call there, compared to his previous made hands where he raised, made me want to take Jx out of his range.  If he had the J, he should have raised like the other hands.  The river brings.... a third J.  UH OH!  If he did have a pair, like I think he does, I'm sunk.  If by chance he had Jx, I'm still sunk.  I think for a minute and decide the best way for me to go is to make a thin-value bet and bet $40 again.  This way, he has to have Jx or big pairs in my range, so he'll probably just call with a pair.  If I check, I can basically guarantee at least a $100 bet, if not a shove.  He does call and says "I hope you don't have the case J".  I show my 66 and he flips over QQ, so I get 3 outed on the river for a $250 pot.

Even with that lost big pot, I still cashed in $425 chips from my starting stack of $300, so I finished the four hour session up $125.  I'll definitely be playing in this game again when I go to this casino, as the game was really soft and even the regs weren't very good.

My next blog will be late tomorrow or early Wed morning, as I'm playing in the league semi-finals at 3PM tomorrow, then hopefully transferring to the finals at 7PM.