I start off by drawing table 105 seat 5 with a field of 34 players. 5 was definitely the number of the night, more to come later.  The table that I ended up with had a number of players that I knew from the previous weeks (and a couple of them I know to be some of the better players in the league).

I start the night off getting involved with 66 from mid position.  With two limps in front of me, I'm more than happy to try to setmine.  I see a 6-way flop and get an A K J board, not the flop I was looking for.  Needless to say, when the bets start flying, it's an easy muck for me.

The next hand I get is AQ from UTG+1 and open for a standard raise of 150 (25/50 blinds).  I'm called by the button, that I know to be a passive player that likes to slowplay.  The flop comes K 8 3 rainbow and since he called my raise preflop and didn't raise, I figured if he hit a K, he'd try to slowplay it.  Due to this, I check and he does check behind.  The turn is an A.  I lead out for 175 and he quickly calls.  The river is a fourth suit 4, so unless he had ace/rag or king/rag, it shouldn't have hit him.  I also didn't put him on AK (although it's in his range), as I'd seen him 3-bet before with AK.  I lead out for 225 and into the tank he goes.... and after a minute, calls and turns over KTo.  I show my AQ and take down the pot.

My next play is from the SB, as it folds to me with a passive, ABC player in the BB.  I decide that I'm stealing with anything, look down at T9s, and raise to 150.  The BB immediately mucks and I get a few more chips.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and I get 77 from the HJ with every single player limping in front of me.  I decide to go setmining again and the entire table sees the a flop of A J 6.  With bet, raise and a call in front of me, needless to say it's another easy muck for me.

I now pick up AJs from mp1 and make the table standard raise to 250.  It folds around to the same opp as the AQ hand that calls me along with the BB.  The flop comes J 8 4 with two diamonds.  The BB checks and I lead out for 425 that is called by the first opp and the BB mucks.  The turn is the 9 of spades.  I lead out for 625 and am called again.  The river is the ace of clubs and I lead out for 875.  The opp goes into the tank again, says "I've got your J beat", calls and flips over A4... and is absolutely shocked to see my AJ for a higher 2 pair

The blinds now go up to 100/200 and my next play is from the button, as it folds around to me and I look down at A6.  I make a the table standard raise to 475 and both of the blinds muck.

The first hour ends and I'm sitting on 5825 chips from my starting stack of 4k, which is well above the average stack.

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.... and I go 100% card dead.  Not what I want to see.  The first level (100/200/25), I get to see one hand free from the BB with J9 of diamonds with two limpers.  The flop comes Q 9 3.  I decide to lead out for 450, have the first limper fold, but the second limper shoves.  Needless to say, 2nd pair isn't any good, so I'm mucking.   That was the one and only hand I was involved in, as I didn't even get any steal opportunities due to a couple short stacks that shoved when I was in position.

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and the cards here are even worse than the previous level, until I get the one and only hand that I'm involved in at these blinds.  I'm in mid position and have UTG+1 shove just under 3k chips into the pot.  I look down at a pair of cowboys and decide that I'd rather isolate UTG+1 (that had shoved a short stack and picked up blinds/antes twice to get to where she was), instead of maybe picking up the button or a blind with Ax if I call.  I therefore decide to re-shove to isolate.  It's folded around and what does the opp flip over.... the other pair of cowboys.  The flop now brings 2 spades and the turn is another spade and I got clubs and diamonds?!  Luckily the river was a heart, so we chopped the blinds/antes.  With the way that I've run this league series (premium hands getting bad beat one after another), it's a wonder that the river wasn't another spade.

The blinds now go up to 300/600/75 and after an orbit where I'm even worse card dead and no steal opportunities due to short stacks having to shove, I'm now down to 5BB and am looking for a spot to shove myself.  I get my chance the last hand before the second break (NOTE TO SELF: I've already been ko'd or crippled multiple times on the last hand before a break... DO NOT PLAY ONE). 

However, this time, I really needed to play it.  I was UTG with 2200 chips and the next hand after it the blinds were going to 500/1k/100.  I see ATo, my best hand in 25 minutes, and shove.  I'm called by the table short-stack (opp from the AJ/AQ hands that had about 600 chips) and also by the BB.  Knew that call was trouble, because other than me, he's the smartest one at the table and had already KO'd me once before.  It's the same guy that had AA in the BB when I had QQ in the SB.  I flip over my AT, see the shorty flip over Q9o and the BB flips over AJs.  Come on 10!  The flop is 7 5 7, no help.  The turn is a 6, a brick.  The river is an 8.  The short-stack luckboxes a straight to win the main pot and I'm outkicked to win the side pot, so I'm out in 20th.

Next week is the final qualifying week.  I'll end up in the semi-finals on the 29th, but not sure if Dave will be joining me there or not, as he's got a shot to go directly to the finals.  I guess, if I get to pick a week to get a hand to hold or to get some cards to play, better to have it happen the 29th, when there is a bunch more $$$ on the line.

However, the night didn't totally end up bad for me, as I always take $20 with me to play a quarter video poker machine.  There are 2 machines in the casino that have the best payouts (can tell by the pay schedules on them), so those are the ones I pick between.  I happen to pick a shockwave machine that pays 10X for a full house and 7X for a flush.  This alone makes it a great paying machine, however, it has a bonus on it too.  If a player playing maximum coins (5) hits four of a kind, they can play up to the next 10 hands to try to get another four of a kind and if so, instead of the normal payout, it pays the same as a royal flush which is 4000 coins ($1,000). 

When I'm down to $5 left, I start with three jacks, and draw the fourth one, so into the bonus hands I go.  The first few hands are a mess, as I don't get much to even try to draw to get a four of a kind with other than a pair of Q's that promptly draws three low cards.  However, the eighth hand, I am dealt 5 5 A 5 J to start.  Needless to say, I'm discarding the A and J.  The first card is a 4, but the last card is the 5 of spades! JACKPOT!!!!!!!