Well, I'll know for sure tomorrow evening, but I think I at least locked up a semi-final spot tonight.  There were 41 players that entered and I was put at table 6 seat 5.  I knew a number of the people at my table, especially seat 1, some guy named TheLangolier!

We start off and from the beginning, I can tell it's going to be one of those nights.  The first level, I didn't play a single hand.  No aces, no face cards, no pairs, no suited connectors, nada.

The first hand I get involved in is the first hand at the 50/100 blind level and had a brain fart preflop.... thinking it was still 25/50, I announce a raise and put out 150 (oops, where's my 3BB hot-button from PS, as I meant 3BB).  Because I announced raise, at least it wasn't a call and I could make it 200 (better than limping, but not what I wanted).  Seat 10, the 100VPIP LAG (had played every single hand so far tonight too) calls.  The flop comes Q rag rag, which is a good flop for my KQo.  I lead out for 400 and the lag calls.  The turn is what should be a blank (although, at 100VPIP, everything is in his range) and I lead out for 600 that is called.  The river is what should be another blank and I lead for 800.... into the tank the LAG goes.... I know he's got some part of the board and he's mumbling about me having KK or AA becauase of the preflop bet (which was a total screw-up on my part, but I don't think he picked up on it).. says 'Nice Hand' and mucks.  

The next level, 100/200, I pick up ATs and make a std open to 500 and pick up two callers behind me.  I totally whiff the flop and my gut says that the opp to my left hit a part of it, let alone what the other guy has... I check, they start betting and I muck.

The only other hand this hour that I had that was even marginal was the last hand before break, as I look down at 88.  However, there is a shove and a call in front of me, so I mucked it.  I am however up a few chips, due to the KQ hand.

The second hour kicks in and here come the antes.  I thought I was card dead the first hour..... not even close.  I get a walk in my BB at this level with a garbage hand (37o), which I'll gladly take, as I'm looking for anything to pick up some chips.  The best hand I got at 100/200 was K2s, which isn't what I want to be playing.

The next level is even worse, however, I get another walk with Q4o!  I did pick up 66, but with a short stack shove and a re-shove in front of me, I mucked it. 

At 300/600/75, it even gets worse.  No aces, no face cards AT ALL, no pairs, no suited connectors and not even a suited 1-gap.  That's not what I want to see when a number of players are starting to shove due to being a short stack.   I'm on life-support, but at least I get to see the second break.  The entire hour, I didn't see a single ace!

I come back from break to see that I did win 75 free chips, as I won the race when the green chips were taken off the table.  Little did I know that would be the ONLY showdown win I have all night. 

I've got 4 hands at 500/1k/100 to find something to shove (much rather shove before I get into the BB).  First hand, 39o... muck.  Second hand, 28o.  

The third hand is one that is STILL puzzling me.  From UTG, I finally see what an A looks like as I see Ah5s.  Needless to say, I ship my last 1100 chips.  UTG+1 re-shoves 2100, not totally surprising since my chips are in the pot along with the blinds.  It folds to seat 1 that re-shoves 7600!  That is definitely NOT what I want to see with ace/rag.  It now goes to seat 3 that goes straight into the tank.  He asks for a count, checks it against his chip stack (seat 1 just has him covered) and after a couple minutes, decides to fold his AJ.  We flip our cards over and I'm SHOCKED!  I've got A5o, UTG+1 flips over KhJh (absolutely reasonable to reshove with as the 2nd lowest stack at the table) but I'm floored by what seat 1 has, Ts9s.  The guy not only calls, but reshoves on two of the tightest players all night at the table's shoves with that?!  With that action, I thought I might even be drawing dead, but somehow nobody has a pair, nor a higher ace.  The flop comes Th9h5h.  I've got bottom pair and the nut flush draw and I just went from ahead to dead last, as one opp has two pair and the other flopped a flush.  The board runs out club, diamond, so I'm out in what I think is 20th place (may have been 19th, as the floor thinks that someone may not have swiped out).

This day totally re-defined card dead.  In two hours and 10 minutes, I had TWO aces (A5 and AT), two small pocket pairs (88, 66), KQ, K3o, K2o, K2s, Q8o, Q4o, J5o, J2o..... that's it for aces, pairs, facecards.  Never saw a suited connector, nor suited 1-gap, nor connectors (other than the one KQ) all night either. 

I'll be real interested to see the leaderboard when it comes out tomorrow, to see how many players aren't going to make the required 6 of first 9 tourneys to qualify for the finals or semis.  Also to see how many have missed weeks and will miss out on the bonus points.  We're off the next two weeks for the holidays, so my next blog from this series will be after week 7 on Jan 8th.  However, I'm hoping to play a cash game at the new Hollywood Casino in Columbus on the 27th, so as long as I'm able to play, I'll do a blog on what happens to me there.  I may even end up on a 1/2 NL table, instead of a 3/6 limit table.