There were 42 players that showed up tonight to play and I started out at table 3 seat 5.  Maybe the switch to table 3 was what I needed, as I need a keeper score since I started the week in 50th place (how I wasn't dead last with the bad luck the first 4 weeks still amazes me).


I also recognize seats 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 as all of them played last winter too, along with this series.  This gave me a very good read on all of them which is a help in one way, but I know that a couple of them are very good players (and one owes me one).  The first level re-confirmed my reads on most of them, but seat 2 surprised me some.  The other times that I played with him, he was playing much looser (but a very smart loose aggressive).  Tonight, he was playing TAG instead of LAG and did so the entire night that I was at his table. 

The only hand at this level that was playable was that I had AQo from the SB.  However, I had seat 8 (solid rock player) raise, seat 10 (bad LAG) flat and then seat 2 three-bet.  I know that he knows how solid seat 8 is, so to say his 3-bet was setting off alarm bells was a real understatement.  I thought about if for a couple of seconds and mucked preflop due to that action and being OOP against who I think are the two best players at the table other than me.  Seat 2 took the pot down with a flopped set.

The second level starts and I pick up AJs from UTG+1 and make a standard raise to 300.  With the table I had, I knew that my raise would get respected and shouldn't be called by anything but a monster with the exception of seat 10.  Sure enough, I take the pot down preflop.

The next hand I'm involved in turned out to be a pivotal hand for me.  I'm in the BB and with 4 callers, I checked my option with AQo for two reasons.  One was to try and sandbag the opps a bit, but the original limper was the rock in seat 8 and he's not open-limping into a pot light, so that threw up a warning flag.  The flop comes 6 3 A rainbow and instead of making a lead bet OOP, I decided to check to seat 8 (which saved me a big problem).  Seat 8 now throws out a pot bet, which turned the warning flag into a siren.  He's then raised by seat 9, 3-bet by seat 10 and 4-bet by seat 2?!   Well, top pair, second kicker is a decent hand, but NOT to those bets and into the muck my cards go.  Seat 8 goes into the tank.  I know he's got to have a premium hand and after a couple minutes, he mucks (had to be a big A, probably suited too).  Seat 10 flats.  The turn is a 2 and seat 10 checks, followed by a check-behind by seat 2 (great read by seat 2 as since seat 10 was always aggressive, the check is definitely out of character).  The river is a J and seat 10 now makes a thin value bet, that seat 2 calls.   Seat 2 shows AK and seat 10 shows quackers for a turned set.

I now pick up pocket 10's from UTG+1 and make a standard raise to 300.  It folds around to seat 1 (NIT that is the tightest player in the whole league) that 3-bets me to 1k!!!  I'd play 10's here against some at the table, but definitely not against him.  The best case scenario is that I'm in a race, but the overwhelming majority of the time, I've got 2 outs... that's it.  After a couple min, I decide to muck (although when I saw that 3-bet, it was an easy decision).

The third level starts and I'm only involved in one hand at this level.  I'm in the SB and with three limpers in front of me, I complete with AT.  The BB however raises preflop to 800 (first preflop raise from him all night so far, but he has been active in hands and aggressive post-flop).  Everyone mucks and the BB shows KK.  First break and I'm sitting with 2750 chips out of the 4k that I started with.

Now, the antes kick in.  The first level (100/200/25) is about the easiest decisions that I could make.  No pair, no A, no broadway, no suited connectors, no suited 1-gaps... into the muck they all go.  

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and I pick up A7 on the button.  It folds around to me, so I shove my 2150 in.  Seat 8 thinks about it for a second, then mucks.  Two of the better players now bust out, as seats 7 and 8 are sent to the rail.

I then pick up AQ and since I have a bit larger stack, make an open-raise to 1k on seat 2's BB.  They all fold to me, so I pick up another pot.  We're now down to 20 left and my table is the one that breaks.  I get sent to table 6 seat 7.

The blinds now go up to 300/600/75 and the first orbit I get total trash.  However, two players (one that was the table short-stack and also a medium stack bust).  I now pick up A9s from the button and shove when it's folded to me.  The SB is the nit from seat 1 at my other table, that immediately mucks and the BB instantly mucks too.   We hit the second break with 18 players left and I've got 3700 chips. 

The greens are colored up at this break (didn't have any left to race with) and the blinds are now at 500/1k/100, so needless to say, I'm looking for a spot to shove.  The first orbit there are two players from my table that are ko'd and also one from the other table.  I get into the BB and see Q9o.  The SB (passive preflop/aggressive post-flop if he hits,  that I've played with a number of  times before) completes and I check to see a J 8 3 flop.  We both check and see another 3 on the turn.  We both check again and I get a Q on the river.  The opp checks again, so I put my last 2k into the pot since I now have top pair (as someone busts from the other table).  The SB flips over J3 for a full house, so I'm out in 14th.  This one is definitely noteworthy, as it's the first time I ever saw him slowplay a made hand after the flop.  Every other time, he'd bet every street if he hit and check every time that he missed... regardless of chip stack.  The reason that I didn't shove preflop here is that I knew at least one, if not two were going to bust from the other table before this hand was over if it took a couple minutes to play (more badly needed league points for each position) and with the way the opp had played in the past, I wouldn't bet unless I hit the board...which unfortunately for me, I did on the river.

I should move up a number of places in the league standings, as this is definitely a keeper score and I'll take a top 1/3 finish when I'm basically card dead with not many steal opportunities.  Seeing how I'm planning on playing all the weeks, I should be guaranteed to make it into the semi-finals when I play next Tuesday (places 11-50 with at least 6 games played, go to the semis in week 10).  I'll put in a comment as to where I'm at after the standings come out tomorrow.