There were 44 players that showed up tonight and I was seated at table 7, seat 7.  It actually was one of the tougher tables, as I knew that 4 of the players were some of the better ones in the league.

The night started totally different from the first two weeks.  The third hand I pick up JJ and when it''s folded to me, I make a standard raise to 150 (blinds were 25/50).  Everyone folds and I pick up my first pot of the night. 

The next hand I'm involved in is when I'm in MP the next orbit when I pick up AQ.  It folds to me, I make a std raise to 150 and I'm called by the button and the BB.  The flop comes 10 8 4 and the BB leads out for 300.  I muck but the button calls.  The turn is a 3 and the BB bets 750.  The button mucks and the BB shows a set of 4's.

The third hand that I'm in is from the BB at the next level (50/100).  It folds around to the SB that completes.  I look down at A8 and raise to 300, that is called.  The flop comes Q72 rainbow and the SB checks.  I bet 1/2 pot and take down another one.  That was the only hand at the second level that I was involved in.  I did have KQo once, but was in MP with an UTG raise and a UTG+1 3-bet, so that made it an easy muck for me.

The blinds now go up to 100/200 and I get an opportunity with 66.  I make a standard raise to 500 (the table standard open for this level) and I take another one down preflop.

This ends the first hour and I'm basically where I started out at, as I have 3900 chips left from my 4k starting stack.

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.  The first time that I'm on the button is the next hand I'm involved in.  A mid position player raises to 600 and it folds to me and I look down at a hand I haven't seen the whole tourney series.  My AA 3-bets to 1600.  The blinds get out of the way and the opp snap-calls.  With the snap-call, I figure that I'm going to have to dodge two outs, as he most likely has a high pair (know the opp from playing with him both of the previous weeks).  The flop comes 8 8 2, which should be a total brick for the opp's range.  He leads out for 1k and since the board should have missed him and with enough chips already in the pot to make a shove reasonable, I shove the rest of my chips in.  The opp now goes into the tank.  They know I had two early exits, so they very easily could be reading me as a weaker player.  After about a minute they call, say "I hope you don't have an 8" and flip over JJ.  I show my aces.  The board runs out 5 7 and I more than double up!

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and I pick up AJ clubs from the cutoff and raise to 1k, that is called by both blinds.  The flop comes K J 3 with two hearts.  When it's checked to me, I take a shot at the pot in position and bet 1500 that is raised to 3k by the SB and the BB shoves... easy muck for me.  One opp has AK, the other has 33.  I was really surprised that neither led to protect their hand (definitely noteworthy for future play with them).

The blinds now go up to 300/600/75 and we're now down to 3 tables.  In the BB, it folds around to the SB that completes again.  They were playing very weakly and I was surprised that they didn't shove their just under 2k stack in (like they had the previous two times that they opened).  I sensed it as weakness and decided to raise to 1500 after looking down at 79s.  The opp mucked and I picked up some chips.

The next hand I am involved in is from the SB a minute before the second break.  It folds around to me and with a little over 5k in chips in front of me, I look down at QQ and make a raise to 1800.  I used 1500 in my other hand, but after that, the table started using 1800 as a standard raise, so I followed along.  The BB calls.  The flop comes J 9 5 and with an overpair, over 4k in the pot and less than 4k in front of me, I decide to shove.  If the opp calls, I've got 12k+ chips, which at this point would put me as the overwhelming chip leader at my table and in great shape for a really deep run.  If the opp folds, I've got about 9k chips and have one of the largest stacks at my table.  Unfortunately for me, of all the things to run into, in a blind vs blind situation... I'm up against pocket rockets!  The board runs out two low cards, so I'm out in 25th. 

I played well all night and my reads for the opps were very good too.  Unfortunately, in a pot that would have set me up for a great shot at not only a final table, but also to get toward the top 4 and getting ITM, I run straight into a cooler.  I should move up some in the standings, even with this not so great result and I"ll leave a comment as to where I'm at when the final standings come out tomorrow.

If nothing else, I did put $20 into a deuces wild video poker machine and hit a straight flush, then put some of the profit from it into another machine that paid for the rest of my poker buy-in tonight.