Tonight's league had something that I didn't see in the first league.  There were 51 players tonight, which was more than the first week.   When I played this last winter, the first week had the most players and the number dropped from there.

I started out at table 107 seat 5 and knew three of the opps at the table.  Seat 7, that had position on me, is one of the best players in the league.  Seat 9 was someone that I played with last winter, that is a loose passive player and seat 2 was a tighter player that is pretty passive too and was at my table last week.

The first blind level was a real interesting one.... NOT!  I did get to see a flop free from the BB with 26 clubs and promptly got an all red flop.

The second blind level, I'm still really card dead, but see a spot to try and make a steal on the button when it folds to me with KTo.  I raise to 250, the table standard raise for 50/100, and get called by the SB that was playing very tight from everywhere other than the blinds, as he was really loose and liked to see flops from the blinds.  The flop comes Q 8 4 and the SB checks to me.  Having seen him call pre, then fold on the flop out of the blinds more than once already, when he checks to me, I make a c-bet of 350 that is snap-called by him.  That snap-call hit more than one alarm of mine.  The turn is a 6 and when the SB checks, I check behind because I know I'm behind and probably only have three outs (maybe none).  The river is a blank and the opp fires out 850.  He had bombed one river prior to this and flipped over KK when he didn't have to.  With the alarms still going off from the flop call, it's an easy muck for me and my read is 100% confirmed when he flips over a flopped set.  At least I lost the minimum.   That was it for that level.

The third level (100/200) comes and I'm still card dead.  I'm in the SB with my next playable situation when it's folded to me.  I look down at J7 diamonds and decide to make the standard table raise, to 375 that is called by the BB.  The flop is K 9 3, all black.  I make another c-bet here to 450 and the BB immediately mucks, so I finally win a hand.  That's it for that level and I'm now at the first break with 3025 chips (down 975 from my starting stack).

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.  I'm back to being card dead, however, I get another steal opportunity when it's folded to me on the button with ace/rag offsuit.  I raise to 500, the table standard amount and take that one down preflop.  Two hands won and both were steals. 

The next blind level (200/400/50) is one where a number of people get ko'd every week, as players are now in shove/fold mode if they haven't gained chips the first 80 minutes.  The first orbit, I get no ace, no face, no pairs, not suited... easy mucks (just as card dead as before the first break). 

When seat 9 is UTG, they shove their last 900 chips in and it folds around to me.  I look down at AKo (best and only real hand of the night so far, next best would have been the ace/rag from my steal attempt, next best the KTo, next best a low non-suited connector) and decide that with just over 2k chips left, my best play is to re-shove to try and isolate the short stack shove and I do so.  The others get out of the way and the race is on, as the opp shows 88.  The board runs out the 'lowball express' of five low cards, so they're still in the game and I lose almost 1/2 my stack.

Three hands later, I've got 1025 in front of me when seat 1 is in the BB.  It folds around to me and I look down at 55 (first and only pocket pair I see) and with 2.5BB left, any pair will do and ship my chips in.  It folds around to the BB that is also on a smaller stack that tanks for a minute and then calls me with K7 diamonds.  Off to the races again.  The flop comes 6 A A with the last ace being a diamond.  The turn is the J of diamonds (get one of those gut feelings that I'm screwed).  The river absolutely confirmed that one as the river is the 8 of diamonds.

Card dead, then losing two races with the best hands that I had all night, gets me an instant drop score of 39th of 51.  Since I plan on playing all of the weeks, I get to drop my three worst scores and this WILL be one of them. Even if I move up a place or 2 due to someone not swiping out with their players card when they are ko'd, it'll still be a drop score.  Although, it's better to have a week like this earlier, than to have it in week 10, when the big prizes are on the line.