47 people showed up to play the first week of the league, which is a much smaller number than the last time that I played in it.

I started out at table 106 seat 7 and did recognize a few of the players at my table, especailly seat 5... some shark named Dave.

The first blind level was really uneventful, as I didn't play a single hand.  Dave was joking about making 27 a prop bet for $1 with me and I, in a way, kind of wish I did.  If so, I can guarantee that the first std opening raise that Dave made, he'd have been 3-bet, because it was the first of five times that I saw 27 tonight.

The second blind level, I finally get to make a bet as I'm dealt 55 from the CO and since the blinds are at 50/100, raise to 325 (the table std raise).  Everyone mucks, so I take down a pot that gets me back to even.

The next hand was one that I'd rather forget.  I open with AQ diamonds from mid position and get called by seat 9 and by a blind (that I know from the last league to be looser and aggressive post flop, especially if they're in position).  The flop comes Q 8 2 with two spades and a diamond.  Seat 3 checks, so I make a c-bet of 500 that is called by both opps (put seat 3 on the flush draw or a pair and seat 9's a wildcard that would give chips away).  The turn is the 4 of diamonds.  Seat 3 checks, I check (maybe should have fired again) and seat 9 shoves his last 775 in.  Seat 3 calls and with as many chips that are in the pot, I'm well priced in for a flush draw... let alone that I'm sitting top pair/top kicker.  The river is another spade and seat 3 checks to me.  When he checks, knowing that he likes to be aggressive post flop with raises from the last league, 2 pair and especially the flush are in his range, I start to think what to do.  I decided to check behind, as I did have showdown value and expected to be put all-in if I bet, but did not want to be check/raised all in.  Seat 3 shows a Q and before I can show my cards, seat 9 shows a set of 4's.  Needless to say, my cards went into the muck so that nobody saw them.  Although, in hind-sight, if I fired the turn, seat 9's getting all his in anyway with a set.  Unfortunately, the fishy player in seat 9 gave his chips away to someone else.  I know if I'm in his shoes, I'm not calling a flop bet with that board with 44.

That was the end of the first hour, with me down a little more than 1/2 my starting stack (1850 left out of 4k).  Dave's holding his own as he's getting the right opps at the table to be in hands with him and is accumulating a decent stack.  We had a number of very fishy opps at the table, but I just couldn't get a hand against them.

The second hour starts and here come the antes.  Unfortunately for me, I think all the decent cards got taken out of the deck at break!  I end up totally, 100% card dead, with one exception.  I get dealt pocket 10's, make a standard raise and take one down preflop.  As soon as those 10's are in the muck, here comes the deep freeze.  The next orbit, I never saw a card higher than an 8 and had no steal opportunities. 

The next blind level is 200/400 with 50 and my cards are still stuck in an igloo somewhere.  I'm looking for ANYTHING to shove with.  The first orbit at this level, not a single ace, not a single face card, absolutely nothing.  Others at the table are shoving and busting, so we get four new players.  Stil nothing for me.  No steal opportunities, nothing but bottom 10% hand after bottom 10% hand.  I get into the BB with a single 1k chip before paying the blind and ante and have a standard raise from EP and a flat by a player in MP.  I can't even cover the std raise, so I'm priced in for pretty much just about anything... and of all things... Where's tank prop night when I need it?!  27 again.  If it was 1 opp, I'd have tried it, but against 2 opps where I'm putting both on real hands, I figure the next one HAS to be a better situation than this, so muck them.

The next hand it folds to me in the SB somehow, so I'm playing anything and shove my last 500 in with QT and needless to say, the BB calls for 100 more.  I'm ahead of her two low cards preflop, but go figure, she hits a 4 on the flop.  The turn is a blank, BUT, the river brings a Q to keep me in the game.  I finally win one on the river, as Dave tells me I'm a suckout artist.

The very next hand, UTG limped (which by the way he had been betting, made me put him on a small pair).  It folds around to me and I look down at KQ and shove again.  The blinds get out of the way, UTG calls and flips over 66.  The board runs out all low cards, so I go out in 25th of 47.

I did get reads on some of the new players, but really didn't have much to play with all night to tray and take advantage of them.  Of the hands that I mucked, the best of them were a couple of ace/rags into pots with a raise and calls before me, so I'm not playing that there.  I also only have to keep 6 of 9 scores, so hopefully I will be able to drop this one in the end.  A few of the stronger players from when I played last time did not show up tonight, so maybe the field strength will be a bit lower this time around too and make it a bit easier to get ITM if I can pick up some cards in the other weeks.  The second hour is a key to make a deep run in these, so by being card dead then, it sure didn't help my cause tonight.

Hopefully there will be some interesting situations next week, with a better finish.