Today I played in a $150 buy-in tourney.  There were 24 tables running for this tourney (240 player capacity).  I'm glad that I went and signed up last night, as there were 88 alternates, for a total of 328 players.  The top 36 got ITM and the winner got just over $9k.

We started with 10k in chips and a 25/50 blind level.  The blinds only went up every 30 min.

The first blind level, I didn't play a single hand other than 78s from the blind.  Didn't see an A and only a couple of facecards, but they were K3, Q4, etc.

The second blind level (50/100), I get a playable hand from the SB (QJo) and make a std raise when it's folded to me that was called by the BB.  The flop comes Q/rag/rag and with top pair, I make a 300 chip c-bet that is called.  The turn is another rag that puts a spade flush draw on the board.  I bet 500 and get called again.  The river is an A and we both check.  The BB had KQ, so he takes down the pot.  

The next hand I'm involved in is later in the same blind level (50/100).  I'm on the button with AT of hearts and call behind into a family pot (6 total in the pot).  The flop brings two hearts including the J8.  It checks to me and I make a 300 chip bet to try and thin the field some.  I'm called by only one opp, so I get to play the rest of the hand in position.  The turn is the 9 of diamonds, which now gives me a flush and OESD.  The opp leads into me for 500, which I call with my 15 outs (18 if an A would also be good).  The river is a blank, so when the opp fires again on the river, I muck and he shows me KJ (knew he had the J).

The 100/200 blind level is next and here is where I finally get to a real hand.  I pick up AJ from the CO with 1 limper, so raise to 700 (table std raise was to 500 with no limpers).  I get called by the BB.  The flop is J62 with two diamonds.  The blind checks to me, I make a c-bet and take the pot down.

The next blind level is 100/200/25.  With the antes kicking in, it's time to put my tight table image from being card dead to good use.... steal whenever I can get the chance in position.  The first time I get to the button, I get a pretty good hand, 33.  However, there was action with a bet, 3-bet and flat of the 3-bet in front of me (from a player that this was the FIRST hand they were involved in all night).  I thought about trying to setmine until that player flatted the 3-bet, as I knew he had my 33 beat.  A three didn't hit on the flop, but a 6 and A did and the first war was on.  Seat 7 was holding AA and seat 1 (didn't play a hand) had 66.  I'm really surprised that the lower set didn't go broke here, but they did lose about 6k chips.

When I get to the CO in the next orbit, it's folded to me, I raise to 500 and take down the blinds and antes... with the ever-popular 28o... LOL.  At least it will get me to see some extra hands.

I end the first 2-hour session down about a thousand chips from where I started and there were about 245 left at the first break.

The second two hour session started at 200/400/25.  I'm back to being card dead until I pick up 44 in the SB.  UTG and UTG+1 both limp, so I think that I might be able to complete into a family pot and setmine... WRONG!  The table short-stack from MP shoves, is flatted by seat 9 (LP player that was getting cards) and then seat 2 to my right re-shoves!  A 4 didn't hit the board, so glad I got out of that hand for only my SB.

The blinds now go up to 300/600/50.  I get a prime stealing sitation on my next button.  There are 2 limps from the LP's, so I raise to 2200.  Everyone mucks, so I take down another decent pot... with 49o.  I wanted to try another steal the next orbit, but there was too much action from the table short stacks to be able to.

The blinds now increase to 400/800/75.  The first hand at this level, I'm in the BB and the button limps (which I knew was weak as he'd always raised every other time).  My 69o decided to raise to 2k... and take the pot down.

When I get on the button, I get dealt A2o and when it was folded to me, again raised to 2k and took that pot down.  Before the blinds get back to me, my table breaks and I go from table 35 seat 3 to table 23 seat 5.  I was hoping that the table switch would do me some good and get me better cards to play, which was wishful thinking.  Two orbits here and nothing even remotely resembling playable cards.  However, the table was being much more aggressive, so I figured that I'd get paid off if I could get a hand.

The blinds now go up to 500/1k/100 with me UTG.  This blind increase puts me on just over a 5BB stack (5300 chips) and I look down at KQo.... the first combo of aces or paint in well over an hour, so I shoved.  It gets all the way around to the BB that had about 50k in chips and calls me with A9o.  There is a 9 on the flop and I can't find a K or Q... so I'm out in about 150th place of 328.

I was hoping that I could get ITM and make a deep run in it, but tried to make the best of what little I had for cards, so there wasn't much more that I could do.  The tourney was going much quicker than I thought it would, as they will be down near the bubble not that far after the dinner break and should most likely finish the tourney tonight and not carry it over into a second day.

The next tourney I will be playing in is event 3 on Sunday, which is a 15k starting stack compared to the 10k that we all started with today.  Hopefully it will be a bit more eventful.