Went to the new Horseshoe Cleveland today and after waiting 30 minutes got seated at a new 3/6 kill limit table.

The day started ok, as I was in the BB for the first hand and was dealt K4 of clubs and got to see the flop 5-way for free.  K 9 3 flop, so I led and was called by the player in seat 4 (I was in seat 9).  The turn was a K.  I led again and took the pot down.

There were three LAG's at the table and a large number of tight/passives at the table.   The next 30 minutes was very uneventful, as I was getting horrible cards, minus a few suited 1-gaps that I saw the flop into large community pots with.  If I had black cards, the flop was red, if I had red, the flop was black... and none gave me a straight draw.

About an hour in, I picked up AK clubs from UTG, raised preflop and got 4 callers.  The flop was 2 5 6 of hearts.  I checked and there was a bet, raise and 3-bet before it got back to me.. so I mucked.

The next orbit, I pick up AKo from UTG+1, raise pre and get 5 callers.  The flop comes K, rag, rag.  I bet the flop and get 1 caller (seat 4).  The turn is a blank, so I lead again and take the pot down.  Little did I know that this would be the last pot I win.

The next hand was the one that burnt me and of course, it was on a kill pot (where the game goes from 3/6 limit to 6/12 limit).  I get a pair of black aces in the BB and there is a raise in front of me, so I raise to 18 pre and get to see a 5-way flop (with about 100 in the pot)!  The flop is K 8 5 rainbow.  I lead the flop and get raised by seat 4 and 3-bet to 18 that 3 players call.  The turn is a 2 of the fourth suit.  I lead the turn and get called by all.  The river is a 5... not what I want to see.  With 4 of us in the pot, they shouldn't normally have a 5, but my gut told me that someone did, so instead of leading, I decided to check/call the river.  Seat 4 bets, one other calls, then I call.  Seat 4 shows Q5o, the other guy shows KQ and I muck my aces.

The last hand that I am involved in is another one.  I get K9 of diamonds in a kill pot from the BB and with 7 in, put the extra three in to see the flop.  The flop comes Ks, 9s, 3h.  I lead with my top 2 pair and get 4 callers (including seat 4 and the loose/passive guy from the other big hand).  The turn is 8cl.  I lead, seat 4 (LAG) raises, LP guy calls and I call.  The river is the 2s.  I check, planning to call 1 bet, seat 4 calls and LP calls.  Knew I was ahead of the LAG, but when the LP guy called, figured he had at least 2 pair... and hit the flush on the river.

All in all, I ended up losing about $50, but if I had any luck in the two big hands, I'd have been up a few hundred.  Throughout the time I was playing, there were SIX times that someone had AA..... not a single one of them held.

I was very surprised with the game selection and number of tables that were open for a weekday afternoon.  Three 3/6 limit tables, about a dozen 1/2NL tables, 2/5NL, 5/10 limit, 1/2 PLO, 2/5 PLO, 5/10 Limit O8 and there were interest lists for stud, stud 8 and many other levels of the other games.