I went today to the casino in Joliet to play in their monthly bounty tourney... with a twist... for the first time today.  Was a fun tourney that I'd gladly play in again if I can make the date it's played work for me, as they only run it once per month. 
The twist is that any bounty chips that a player accumulates can either be worth an extra 4k chips or $20 and can be cashed in at anytime between hands during the tourney (as long as they're still in... or if a player gets ko'd, immediately following their KO hand.  If a player cashes one in for chips, the $20 is then added to the prize pool. 
I figured that from playing the league series there and also seeing all the players playing cash games those nights, that I'd know a few of the players in it.... wrong.  I only recognized one player in the tourney.  There were 30 players that started the tourney and 3 bounty chips were cashed in for chips (1st place's payout went up $60 during play).

I started with a 6k stack (players started with 4k if they did not take the $5 add-on or 6k if they did) and the blind structure was identical to the league games.... which was a help to me, as I know that game structure well.   When I went to have my seat drawn, that should have given me a clue that it would be an interesting night, as I drew table 8 seat 3...... the exact same seat that I was in when I got both of my final tables in the league.
The first hand that I get involved in is the 2nd hand (my BB).  There had been a raise to 3BB from mid position from a player that was in and won the first hand with total garbage (wouldn't take long to see that this guy would fit greatly into the typical freeroll ATC maniac category).  I look down at QJ clubs and decide to come along.  The flop is 4 8 4 with two clubs.  I check to him and he bets 100, which I called with the 2 overcards and flush draw.  The turn was the 10 of hearts.  I check to him and he bets 100 again, which I called.  The river was the 3 of diamonds.  I checked, he checked behind and showed K8o for two pair. 
That was the only hand I was involved in the first two levels, as the QJs was by far the best hand I had and the table was absolutely crazy due to the opp in that hand and 2 others.  There must have been 15 all-in's between them (and a couple others that saw what they were doing and trapped them with real hands to get some chips).  They kept throwing chips back and forth with the shorter stack continually winning... and they mostly had trash, and I mean trash hands.  29 suited, K3 off, etc, etc.  I was hoping to get a real hand, as I'd have doubled easily if I would have gotten one. 
A couple of us were talking at the first break, that it almost looked like they were trying to chip-dump.... but the larger stack didn't win the hands, even if their hand was better.
The next hand I get is on the 3rd level (100/200) where I picked up pocket 10's in the BB.  I get 2 limps (including the bigstacked maniac as he finally won a couple hands and got a couple bounty chips) and make a std raise to 1k.  The first limper (shortstacked buddy of the maniac) mucks and the maniac calls.  The flop is 2 6 9 rainbow, I make a c-bet and take down the pot.
I then pick up AK from UTG, make a std raise and had that one mucked to me preflop.
That's the end of the first hour with me having about 7k chips, so I did gain a few.

The second hour starts and the bigstack maniac's other buddy gets moved to the table as a shorter stack.  His buddy gets out of the way the first hand, but not the maniac.... all in again.... OOPS, this time his trash ran into the player to my right with AA.  There goes about 1/3 of his stack.   His buddy goes out the next hand, as the player in seat 8 had AK to his A3.  This one is noteworthy, as seat 8 goes from a lower stack than me, to slightly more than me.  
I then pick up AK and make a std raise, which is called by seat 8.  The flop is A 8 3 with two clubs.  I make a c-bet and get called.  The turn is the J of spades, now putting 2 spades on the board.  I make a 1k value bet and get called again.  The river is the 8 of clubs, putting a possible flush on the board along with a pair.  If a club didn't hit, I'd have shoved but instead I made another 1k value bet.  Seat 8 snap-calls and flips over AQ.  I flip over my AK and take down the pot and leaving seat 8 with only about 8BB left.
The next hand's another interesting one (but I mucked my garbage).  The player two to my left makes a std open and the maniac shoves and is snap-called.  The maniac flips over AQ but seat 5 has AA..... there goes about 1/2 of what the maniac had left, and puts the maniac on tilt.
Seat 8 is then taken out by seat 1 and replaced by a short stack that was moved from another table.  The new guy in seat 8 at 200/400 makes an opening raise to 1k (don't know why he didn't shove, as he only had a little over 2k anyhow).  I look down at 88 and 3-bet to 3k.  They all fold to him and he calls with AJ.  Flop 8 K 3 and turn is a 5, so that's the end of him.  One bounty chip for me!:-D  

Unless it's early in the tourney, cashing in the bounty chip for extra tourney chips really isn't something I'm even considering.  Starting hour 3, when the majority of players are in shove/fold mode... 4k chips gets you 4 or less BB.  With that being the case, I'll keep it and pocket the $20 (buy-in for the tourney is $50 if you take the add-on).
I end the second hour with 9200 chips.  Not a small stack, not a large one and there are now only 17 players left.

The third hour starts and while I wish I was the one to do it, the next KO made me happy.  The maniac punted the rest of his stack with 8 10 off.  That made it so that we could really play poker, instead of shove ATC at anytime... but I lost the easiest ATM at the table.  We get down to 12 players left and it hangs there for about 15 minutes. 
The only thing I'm doing is keeping my stack about the same, as I'm trying to pick up a pot each orbit, to keep my stack going.  In these, I made a couple of very good open-raises as bluffs and got the benefit of having the BB for my SB be the one player that I have history with from the league.  Since he knows me as a tighter player, I was able to get away with more and bluffed with 2 garbage hands (69o and 4 10s) that were quick folds from him to my std raises.
The final table bubble burst at the other table.   With 12 of us left, there was a 3-way all-in at the other table and the larger stack won, so we're now down to 10 players.  Everyone comes to my table and we redraw for seats. 
The first hand I'm involved in is at 500/1k with 100 as I get AK in the SB and make a raise to 2500 (what the table's std raise had been to) and am called by the BB.  I considered shoving with it, but thought against it.  It was a good thing, as I missed the flop, but the BB bet and showed A 10... that hit a 10.
The next orbit I got total trash (49, 69, 38, 23, etc) until I get thru the blinds and to the button.  

Now is when things start to get very, very interesting AND weird.  The blinds are now at 600/1200 with 200 and I'm about tied with 2 of the other stacks for the lowest and the top 4 get ITM, so I need to find a situation to chip-up. 
UTG makes an opening raise to 5200 (2nd time since the blinds went up that he opened for 5200 and was the loosest guy at the final table that I had seen playing any broadway or any ace/rag prior to this in the tourney). 
UTG+1 shoves (about 13k give or take) and moves all his chips in along with his bounty chip.  Seats 9 and 10 immediately muck when he moves in... BUT.... he when he moved in, he did it in this order and each one was further from his seat:  chips, bounty chip, cards... with no card capper and puts the cards in front of the chips.... right to where seats 9 and 10 muck their cards to! 
It folds around to me and I look down at 99.  I'd rather be in a heads-up pot than possibly a 3 or more way pot... but with just under 5k chips left, I need to make a move, announce all-in and move my chips and bounty chip forward.  The blinds quickly muck and as the action gets back to the initial raiser, UTG+1 suddenly realizes... I don't have any cards and starts to go nuts! 
The dealer calls the floor over and the dealer explains the entire action sequence.  Honestly, the floor could have then allowed UTG to then move all-in and cost UTG+1 his tourney life (and UTG+1 knew this was what really should happen), as UTG had him just barely covered, but made what I thought was a fair decision, even if it wasn't necessarily 100% by the book.  He announced that the guy that mistakenly mucked his cards would have to cover my all-in and the rest of the initial raiser's bet and then he'd be out of the hand. 
With him out, there was about 19k chips in the pot and I'm now HU against the loosest guy at the table with 99.  Knowing the way he was playing, I most likely was ahead in the hand and he easily could have had ace/rag, where he only had one overcard.  He flips over A8 off, so he did only have 1 overcard.  I also know by now that the guy that mistakenly mucked his cards had an ace, so the opp has 2 outs to beat me.  Flop  A 4 A.... both of the remaining aces.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch a 9 for a full house, so I got ko'd in 10th.

For being card dead the majority of the tourney, I still got to the final table and did get a bounty.  I thought it was a fun tourney and a format that I could do really well if I could have gotten some better cards.  Hopefully I'll be able to play it more in the future, when it's not on a day that I'm already busy with something else.