After tonight, one more week, then the semis/finals.  I think I still have an outside shot at getting into the top 10 and avoiding the semis, but most likely I'll be one of the favorites to get out of the semis and into the finals.  I'll know more when the standings come out tomorrow evening.

The night started off with something that I haven't done the whole league yet... play the first hand.  I was in seat 10 on the button and everyone folded to me with AQ hearts, so I open-raised to 150 and was called by the BB.  The flop comes K J 8 and the BB checked.  My gut reaction was the guy had a K, so with at least 4 outs, I checked behind for pot control as I had played with the opp a couple times and he's normally been aggro when he's missed and traps when he's got a big hand.  The turn was a blank and the opp makes a pot-sized bet (which I figured was a value bet to make up for not getting to check-raise me on the flop).  I mucked my straight draw and the opp shows KJ for 2 pair.  That was the only hand that I got to play at the first level.

The second level starts out as card dead as the first one ended... which at least the blinds are still cheap.  Toward the end of the level when I'm on the button, I get a limp, limp, in front of me and I look down at pocket 10's and raise to 400.  The two limpers call (numbers 1 and 3 on the leaderboard).  The flop comes 3 7 9 rainbow and is checked to me.  This time I make a c-bet of 600 (just under 1/2 pot) and take it down.  That's it for the second level.

The third level starts and I'm really wishing this tourney tonight was a tank prop game!  I've seen 27, 95, 2 10, 5 10 (along with the ever popular 38 and 49) so many times that if I had dollar for each time I've seen them.... I'd have paid off at least 2 buy-in's tonight.  I'm card dead the whole 3rd level and I end the first hour +325 chips.

The second hour starts off with nothing until the end of the first orbit.  I get AK in LP and make a std raise.  Everyone folds, so I take the pot down preflop.
The next two opportunities I have to get into a hand are in blind steal situations from the SB from this and the next orbit..... except for 2 BIG problems.  First, the BB is under 5BB and being a looser player, he's looking for any opportunity to shove and will do so with ATC if he knows he's heads-up.  Second, I'm 100% card dead.  The first time it's folded to me I get the ever-popular 27 off and give him a walk.  He turns over 37, which had me dominated.  The second time I get 38o.  This time he immediately mucks and says to everyone "Where's the action at now".  If I would have had anything for cards, I'd have raised and put him all-in, which would have been called.... but... if I can't beat a random hand, then since I don't have room to leak off chips and try extra moves, I have to let him walk.  Calling or raising him would have gotten him all-in, which would cost me 25% of my stack when I knew I was badly behind... something I'm not doing.
Toward the end of this level and right before my table breaks (30 left from 46 that started) I get 66 in the BB.  The league leader, that got lucky and built a stack was now picking up his aggression due to it and raises to 500.  The SB calls and I call along too hoping to setmine.  The flop comes A 8 5 with two diamonds.  All check the flop.  The turn brings the J of diamonds.  I know the preflop opener likes to play suited cards, so we check to him and he checks behind.  That tells me that he isn't on diamonds, as he'd have made some sort of value bet.  The river is the 3 of diamonds.  I've got the 6, but no way with 4 diamonds on the board is my 6 good.  SB now leads out for 1500 which makes mucking easy.

My table now breaks and I go from table 5 seat 10 to table 6 seat 4.  Who do I find at this table..... JD with a good sized stack in seat two.

After one hand of 38o, the blinds now go up to 200/400 with 50.  I go an orbit and a half getting more and more of and ONLY tank prop hands!  Neeless to say, with a couple other players busting out from short-stack shoving, mucking them is really easy to a shove. 
I then get a hand where UTG (known solid player and friend of Langolier's) open-raises to 900... the table std raise so far for this level.  It folds around to me and I see AQ spades with 2075 in chips in front of me.  Any normal 3-bet size puts me all-in, so I shove.  It folds around to UTG that really has a pretty easy call with basically ATC, let alone with what a solid player would be raising from UTG with.  With over 5k in the pot, this would put me in decent shape to outlast at least another 10 people, which would really help my league score.  I flip over my AQs and he flips over 66.  Standard race where I'm behind 52.8% to 47.2%.  Those odds dramatically change on the flop, as I get TWO spades, making me a 56.6% favorite.  Unfortunately for me, my 15 outs miss twice and I'm out in 26th place.
I'm happy with the play, as I had 40.3% pot equity and 47.2% hand equity... so even though I lost, it was a +EV play.  I played well, just didn't have much for cards or situations to take advantage of.  Do the best with what you're given, which is what I was able to do. 

Congrats to JD on getting a FT and 10th. 

One more week and then it's off to the semis or finals, most likely for me will be the semis first, then hopefully the finals.  Either way, it's a fun league to be a part of.  Hopefully two weeks from now I'll be able to make up for the lack of cards and be able to make a run at the WSOP-ME seat.