Much more interesting week this time (or at least the first 90 min of the tourney).  Knowing that I need 1 of the last 3 to be a deep run, decided to open up a little bit... helps to get some cards early too.

I start the night at table 5 seat 4.  It's not a bad starting table, as I think I've got an advantage on the majority of the players at it, and I know just a little bit about the player in seat 1... JDean!

Things start off a ton better than last week,  I get 77 from UTG+1 and make a std raise and get a couple callers behind with position on me.  The flop comes AKQ (figure someone hit the board pretty hard), check and muck their bets.

I then have the player to my right making a std open-raise to 150 (blinds are 25/50).  I look down at KK and decide to 3-bet to 450.  It folds around to the original raiser, that calls.  The flop is three unders and the opp checks to me.  I make a c-bet and take down a pot.  I could have possibly checked the flop, but the opp was well known by me to be playing any A early, so didn't want him drawing out on me without paying for it.
A few hands later I look down at 44, make another std open and take down the pot preflop.

I then pick up AJs in the hijack and make another std raise to 150.  This time I get 3-bet by a player that I know is both smart and tight (week 1 runner-up).  I thought about 4-betting him.. but decided to muck for 2 reasons.  First, I wasn't sure if I was ahead because of the player's history, but secondly, by folding a second std raise, the aggros might try to push me at the wrong time and I can stack them. 

I hit the end of the first level having had more playable hands than all of last week combined (even passed on a couple ace/rags.... which if last week, I'd have played in a second with how card dead I was).

The second level starts off with me folding a number of garbage hands (T6 off must have been the hand of the night, as I had it six times).  I then get a std raise to 300 by the guy on my right and I look down at pocket 10's.  I decide to 3-bet to 900 and both seat 10 on the button and the initial raiser call.  The flop comes K 8 x. 
The first guy checks and I get one of those gut feelings that I probably should have just called behind, instead of 3-betting to try to get it to a heads-up pot.  I'd normally c-bet here, but with that feeling, I checked. 
The other opp then bet and was called by the player to my right, so I mucked.  The board runs out 8 8 and the player to my right shoves and is called.  Good thing I got that gut feeling, as the other opp had JJ.  If I saw that whole board, it could have been ugly.

The rest of the 2nd level is a couple more ace/rags and other garbage, so we're now onto the 3rd level (100/200).  With two limpers before me, this time, instead of std raising, I limped behind with AK.  I catch a K high flop, it's checked to me, I make a c-bet of 500 and take the pot down. 
I finish the first hour with a few more chips than I started with, but no sizable gain since I lost the 900 chips with 10's.

The second hour starts and it's now ante time (100/200 with 25).  This level's not helping me, as I'm not getting anything for cards at all.  A bit over 1/2 way thru it, we're down to 30 players left and my table is broken up. 
I get moved to table 8 and am almost the shortest stack at the table (now I know where most of the 12 KO's already were coming from).  I get to skip the first hand due to being moved into the middle of the blinds.  The first time around the table, I'm getting nothing for cards, but the rest of the table is AGGRO EXTREME.... not a good sign for one of the shortest stacks at it, but if I get a hand one should double me.  One good thing though, is that I've got the week 1 winner in the seat on my right, not my left.

The blinds now go up to 200/400 with 50.  I'm still getting nothing for cards and get to see some fireworks, as two players shove into a guy's AA and get ko'd.  To even out the tables, they fill the seat to my left.... with the 2-time league winner that I can't catch a break against.  The most aggro of the bunch (LAG) is also 2 seats to my left, which isn't good either.

Note to self:   next time a table's broken, take the card that nobody else wants instead of picking one.  Everytime I've picked one first , I've ended up in about the worst seat possible.      

I now am in the SB and have aggro two seats to my left open-raise to 1k.  Seat 10 (the AA guy) flats him and it's folded around to me.  I look down at 22 and have about 3500 in chips.  The guy two to my left plays any suited ace and almost any ace or broadway or suited for that matter, so I figure I'm ahead of him in a flip.  Seat 10 had from all previous run-ins raised with all his premium hands preflop and flatted anything speculative (another that loves playing any ace, suited or broadway).
With 3050 already in the pot, I figure I'll only have about 34% pot equity if I shove and called by either opp.... and since I put them both on hands that I'm flipping with, don't really care which one calls (would rather not have both call though). 
Hand equity slightly above 50% is higher than the 34% pot equity, so it's a +EV play. 
Plus, if I win the pot, I'm sitting with basically double the average stack... exactly what I'm looking for, as I need one deep run to be able to get into the overall top 10 at the end of the league and go straight into the finals.  With that large of a stack here, unless I get extremely unlucky, I should get near or to the final table.
I'm called by the player two to my left and the opp in seat 10 mucks.  He flips over A 9 spades.  Unfortunately, there's an ace on the flop and I lose the hand and I end up 27th.

Since the only thing that will help me is to make a deep run in one of the last weeks, I decided to take the +EV play to try and get a larger stack to make a run at the final table.  Unfortunately, I ended up on the wrong side of the flip.  But, in the situation I'm in, where an exit there does not hurt me, I had everything to gain and really nothing to lose.

I did raise my league average slightly though, as I got a few more points tonight than the score I dropped.
I still have two more weeks to try and put a deep run together to get into the top 10 and a bye into the finals. Worst case, I'll be one of the best players in the semis, where the top 10 transfer to the finals.

The bottom line for tonight, I made the best with the situations that I was given (other than maybe flatting pre with the 10's) and took a chance on a play that was a +EV move that didn't workout.... but WAS worth the risk.

Congrats to JD on making the final table and to Dave for getting 11th.