Well, I guess after the week that I had in week 4.... unfortunately there's a thing called the law of averages.  Now, I absolutely need to make sure that I play all the weeks, as this one is in the mandatory drop score category.

I originally drew to be at table 3 seat 8, but before the tourney started, they consolidated my table, so I got transferred before playing a hand.  I get sent to table 7 and the poker room manager tells me that I can pick any open seat.  I've got 2 choices, either seat 7 or seat 3. 
Remembering a lesson from Dave and Dave, I want to have the better and more aggressive players to my right, so they have to act in front of me.  Well, when I get to table 7, I see Dave (TheLangolier) in seat 4 and the 2-time winner that's ko'd me each of the last two weeks in seat 6.  Needless to say, I opted for seat 7.

A couple of hands into the tourney, I get 66.  There is a std raise before me, I call and it ends up being a large family pot.  No 6 on the flop, so when the betting starts, I muck.
I muck the next couple orbits, as I'm not getting much for cards.  I then pick up 77 on the button into another family pot and decide that with most of the table in the pot, it was worth a shot to setmine.  The flop brings 3 over cards and it's checked to me.  Figuring that someone had to have paired one, I check behind.  The turn is another blank and it's checked to me again.  I probably should have taken a shot at the pot here, but I checked behind again.  River's another overcard and it checks to me again.  I decided to check down the river, as I didn't want to open the betting, leaving myself open to a bluff/raise, as with 5th pair, there's no way I could call it.  Believe it or not, my 77 held.

The rest of the first level, all of the second level and the start of the 3rd level, I didn't play a hand.  The best hands I saw were some small suited 1 or 2 gaps, but I'm not playing those in pots where there are raises and calls of the raises before me preflop.

With the blinds at 100/200, I finally get a premium hand (hadn't had aces the whole tourney series) and make a std open raise to 600, which 2 behind call, so I'm playing the hand out of position.  The flop is 10 high with two diamonds.  I lead out for 800 and get one caller.  The turn is the K of spades.  I now lead out again, raising my bet again to 1200 and the opp snap-calls (should have bet more or even shoved here, but I said to myself on the flop that I'd get off the hand if a 3rd diamond hit, as I put the opp on the flush draw).  The river is a 10.  The diamond draw missed but now any 10, instead of just K 10 is ahead of me.  The rest of the chips go in on the river (I luckily had him covered by a few chips).  
I put him on Kx of diamonds... which was partially right, as he did have diamonds, but 9T, so he hit trip 10's.
In going over this hand a few times, I should have bet more or shoved the turn, as I wasn't considering getting off my hand unless maybe a diamond came... but with a pair and a flush draw, don't think the opp would have dropped anyway.  Definitely NOT the way I wanted this hand to end... me mucking when the opp turns over 9 10 of diamonds.  
At this point in time, I thought that this would be the worst beat that I took tonight.... oooohhh was I really wrong on that one!   

Note to self:  play your made large hands faster  (at least I can learn something from that hand)

With only 675 chips left from losing to trip 10's, I fold around until I get in the BB again, as I've got horrible hands.  I get Q 10 off in the BB and it's a big limped multi-way pot.  I figure I can see the flop for free and if it's bad, I'll shove the next hand. 
The flop is J 9 8 with two spades.  The SB bets 650 (more than the 475 that I have left) and I obviously, with the current nuts, am all-in.  It folds around to seat 3, that goes into the tank for a bit.... and shoves.  The SB now goes into the tank and folds (later told me he folded 89).  I turn over the Q-high straight and seat 3 turns over J7, for top pair and a lower gutshot straight draw..... so he needs runner/runner to beat me.  Turn 7  River 7
Out in 45th of 51

I knew sooner or later a night like this would happen and glad to get it out of the way before the last day of the league (semis/finals).  I'll be able to drop this score too, as I only keep my best 6 of my scores and I plan on playing all 9 weeks, so I'll get my worst 3 scores dropped.

Congrats to Dave for getting another FT (9th)