Well, this week's blog is going to be a bunch more fun to write than the others :-D  as sooner or later the cards are going to average themselves out.

There were 56 people that played tonight and never got to be at the same table as JDean or TheLangolier.

At my first table, I had only played with two of the players and neither for that long of a time period.  The first hand that I played was AQ where I made a std open raise that was called by 3 players.  Board was K 8 2 rainbow, so since I opened, I made a c-bet and everyone folded.  At the start of the 2nd level, I got QQ and played it the exact same way as my bluff and took that pot down, but it was a larger pot.

The third hand that I got involved was the only hand I was kicking myself at the time over... although I made the correct play based on the info at the time.  I had 5 6 of hearts in the SB in a community pot, which is good enough for me to complete and see what happens (8 to the flop).  The flop comes Kd Jh 7h.  I check, UTG+1 min bets and is called by the button and me.  The turn is the 9 of clubs.  Now I've got the flush draw and a gutshot straight draw.  I check again and UTG+1 bets 700 and the action goes to the button.  What happens now just burns me up.  The guy doesn't have enough black or purple chips to put exactly 700 out there, so he goes to throw out one orange chip, 1000, to call.  Unfortunately for me, the guy throws out TWO orange chips... which means that instead of his call, he is forced to raise to 2000.  The dealer announces the bet is now 2000 and the guy said "I just called".. then looks down and sees two chips out there.  This now puts me in a REALLY bad spot.  I've got tons of outs, know that at least one of them has a K or J, if not better and now, and with the guy throwing 2k out there by mistake.... I'm priced out of it.  If the guy did call, I'm calling in a second, as I'm priced in for my draws.  With the raise to 2k and not knowing if the other guy would call, I don't have the odds to draw (35% to call while my hand only has 24% equity with 12 outs).  I tank for a sec and run the numbers in my head again and muck my cards.  UTG+1 tanks, then calls.  River... Qh.  If the button doesn't misbet, I'd have stacked BOTH of them as they both make larger bets on the river, one with Kx and the other with AJ.

The next hand that I play was an interesting one too.  I'm in the SB and UTG limps.  I'm holding AKo and as it's folded around to me, decide I'm going to slowplay it as the limper is a known, totally legit player that could be limping a monster looking to trap and had been raising most of the time.  The BB checks and we see K J 2 with two spades.  After c-betting my previous hands that I was involved in, I checked, the BB checked and UTG bets enough to price out the spade draw.  I call and don't raise since the flush is priced out and the BB mucks.  The turn is a blank.  I check, UTG bets 1500 and I shove over the top all-in and am snap-called.  We both flip over AK and split the pot. 
This ends the first hour, with me at 5300 chips from my starting stack of 4k.

The second hour starts off uneventfully for the first level.  We're now down to 40 and they break my table.  Since I only had one playable hand in the last 2 levels, didn't mind the change.  I get moved from table 4 to table 6 and end up with a few known, better players at it (four of these players I've had at my tables previously).  
I then get pkt 10's in the BB and UTG that was loose and not that great of a player open shoves his small stack. It folds back around to me, I call and he flips over Kx. I get a 10 on the turn and my first KO for the evening.  The players that haven't gotten any cards are now starting to have to shove due to being extremely short stacked.  I pick up KK in a hand with a couple limpers (which was odd tonight as there wasn't anywhere near the limping today compared to the last 3 weeks) and made a std raise that was called.  Three low cards on the flop, I c-bet and take that pot down.  We lose a couple of the weaker players and they decide to fill my table when it gets down to 30 left.  Add in a couple of the usual suspects from my earlier touneys (of the three added, I've got extensive play with two of them)... the better of the two players gets the seat to my left and goes on a bigtime heater.  He goes from basically nothing in chips to a big table chip leader in one level.  Luckily, the one hand that I made a preflop raise as a steal, he mucked (he knew I had a good table image and was about his only bad hand in the run).
Thi This ends the second hour and I'm sitting with about 8k in chips.

The third hour starts and a few at my table are really short.  I pick up A7 spades UTG and raise to 3500 to try to isolate the BB (500/1k blinds and 100 antes) and am called by the shorty BB that has A3 off.  The board gets an A and two cards over my 7.. so my 7 plays and I get my second KO.  One hand after this, we're down to 20 left and they break my table. 
I now move to table 7 along with 4 from my previous table.  Ironically, I only know 5 of the players, so I don't have a read on a good bit of the table.
By now, most of the players are getting really short, as the blinds are getting high really quickly.  To keep pace with the blinds/antes, I make a couple of plays in position with Ax and take down pots preflop.  A little over halfway thru the 600/1200 with 200 level, I open-shove with KK and get called by Ax.  The board doesn't get an ace and I double up.  We're now down to 11 left and I'm in the SB with Q4 clubs .  The button limps so I complete and see the flop 3-way.  I almost folded preflop as the button was the guy with the heater from table 6, but I decided there were enough chips in the pot to try it.  Jackpot flop.  Q 4 8 and as a shorter stack, I shoved the flop.  I'm called by the BB that was a shorter stack than me and the button mucks.  BB turns over 10 8 and the board runs out Q Q for quad queens and an extra pair (where's a high hand bonus when you need one?!).  This KO gets us down to 10, so we move to the final table and draw for seats.

The final table is full of the usual suspect players and I draw seat 3 and here's the info that I know about the other players.
Seat 2 is the player that took me out last week (winner of week 2, the league leader, and #3 on the HPT all-time money list). Seat 1 is the guy with the earlier heater (that now has 3 final tables and a 12th and has been at my table all 4 weeks now).  Seat 10 is one of the players that I've only had at my table for a few min before and no real history with, but is someone that Langolier specifically warned me about (totally solid player).  Seat 5 is the week 1 winner.  Seat 7 is the wife of seat 2, was at all of my tables tonight (the other in the AK hand) and is also an HPT winner and 2008 HPT Player of the Year.  No clue on the others as the FT tonight was the first time I've seen them.

The button always starts in seat 10, and the first hand I get 38o and muck (1k/2k with 300 is the level).  The second hand I'm in the BB and the fireworks begin.  Seat 5 open-shoves and is over-shoved by seat 10.  It folds to me and I look down at QQ and shove my stack in, as the lowest of the 3 stacks involved.  Seat 5 turns over Ax and Seat 10 turns over 77.  Board doesn't hit anyone, so I triple up and seat 5 is KO'd by seat 10, as he had my stack covered by a couple thousand. 
The next couple orbits are pretty uneventful for me, as I'm getting garbage for cards and during them the blinds go up to 2k/4k with 400.  I then pick up AK and make a std raise to 10k and pick up the pot preflop.  
Seat 6 (new guy) now, as a short-stack decides to shove from UTG.  It folds around to me in the SB and I look down at QQ again and overshove to try to isolate him.  The BB mucks and UTG shows A2 off.  Unfortunately an A comes on the flop so I double the guy up (or basically put my chips on loan... more to come from him).
I then get AJ and open for 10k and win another set of blinds preflop.  Toward the end of this level, we're now down to 5 of us (seats 10, 1, 2, 3, 5) and seat 5 decides to open-shove my BB.  I look down at a pair of hooks (JJ) and since I know he's well capable of shoving any unsuited A, I call, as instead of a race, he may only have 3 outs.  This time he flips over A5 off and an ace does NOT hit the board, so add another KO and we're down to four of us. Break time.

The fourth hour starts off (3k/6k with 500) with everyone open-shoving when playing hands... as we're all under 15BB, most at 10 or less.  There are a couple of chip swaps where the small stack shoves and doubles, then gives them back in a hand or 2 and everyone gets a steal or two.  I'm staying out of it for the most part with my 27, 38, 49, etc (showed a 27 muck from the BB to a SB shove for a laugh)... until I shove with KK and is called by a smaller pkt pair from seat 10.  The kings hold and I'm now up to 50+k chips.  A few hands later, Seat 10 shoves, is called and KO'd by seat 1. 
It's now down to 3, so I'm now ITM :wink: .
We're trading chips for a couple orbits due to steals with Ax (I didn't show mine, but seat 2 showed a couple of his).  I then get AK from UTG and open-shove and am called by seat 2, that has probably 10-15k more than my just over 50k chips.  He turns over AJ, so I've got him dominated.  The flop comes with a pair and the river gives the board two pair... so instead of me crippling his stack and being the chip leader, we chop with two pair and an ace kicker.
Two orbits later, after folding with crap to a shove by one of them every hand, I get 66 from UTG and once again shove and am called by the BB again, this time with A 10.  He hits a 10 on the flop and an A on the turn and I'm out in 3rd.  Seat 2 then took out seat 1 to win another league tourney. 
Congrats to Dan on the win and to Jimmy for getting 2nd... along with the rest of the players that made it to the final table. 

I didn't win, but did end up ITM (including a who lasts longer side bet from Dave and Dave), got a great league score and the big thing.... I'm very happy with my play, as I made the best decision that I could make on every single hand, including getting my chips in good in both of those hands when we were down to three left.  There are five more regular weeks like today, then the last week is the semis and finals.  Hopefully I can keep making good decisions and get a few more deep runs.