This week was much more interesting.  I started off in a pretty tough seat as the players 2-3-4 to the left of me..... were the 3 ITM from the first week.  With one of them playing loose, I'd much rather have had them to my right, not to my left.... but that's the luck of the draw, so I'll make the best with what I'm given.

The first level was pretty uneventful for me.  I did see two multi-way pots free from the BB with suited Ace/rag hands.  Unfortunately, didn't hit any pairs and the flop was the opposite color from my cards, so they were easy mucks.

The second level (50-100) was where it gets interesting.  I'm in the cutoff and see UTG+1 (that was playing very loose passive preflop, then aggresive after the flop) makes a std raise to 300.  The raise is then called by a mid position player (loose passive).  It gets to me and I see AQ hearts.  With the way the two that were in the pot already had been playing, I knew that I most likely had them beat.  I decided to 3-bet here, knowing that if either blind calls me, they'd have a real hand (especially the BB that had been at my starting table all 3 weeks now).  Everyone folded and I took down that pot.
The next time around the table I get QQ UTG and made a std raise to 300.  It was called by the loose pre/aggro post flop player and also from the button.  The flop comes 7 9 10 rainbow.  I make a c-bet of 600.  The first opp mucks, but the button tanks for a minute and calls.  My gut immediately put him on 88.  Turn 6.  I lead out for 750 and the button shoves.  The shove by him made me trust my read, as he had mucked to a few flop/turn/river bets already and had won a hand with a flush.  I tank for a minute and mucked my QQ.... the button then shows 88.  I almost shoved the flop there and it's a good thing I didn't because I'd have been out in the bottom five places.  It did however cost me about 1/2 my stack.  At least I knew that my read was right (pkt pair, most likely 88, as he'd have shipped a set).  At break, I'm sitting with 2050 chips of my 4k starting stack, looking for a spot to shove into and hopefully be able to ladder climb some if I don't get cards the next hour when the antes kick in.

The second hour starts at 100/200 with 25.  Toward the end of the level, I get 10's in mid position with two limpers in front of me and shove.  Everyone mucked and I added a good amount to my stack without a fight.  
The next level (200/400 with 50), I go stone cold card dead and the table turns from a more passive table to one with at least std raises, if not 3-bets or shoves preflop.  Acutally, the kind of table that I'd want if I had cards, as there were always a bunch of chips in the pot.  Unfortunately, as many of the players at the table were busting out, I couldn't catch anything to play against them.  At the end of the level, the table gets down to 6 people and with the cards I was getting, wouldn't have minded breaking the table and trying another seat.... as I was looking for something to shove with and couldn't get an A or face card for anything.  Instead of breaking the table, they broke one of the other tables when it got down to 30 left from the starting number of 61 players.
I now end up with Dave (TheLangolier) in the seat to my immediate right and the week 2 winner in the seat two to my right.  The blinds now go up to 300/600 with 75 and I'm still looking for something to shove.  49 off, nope, 37 off, nope, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Since Dave sat down next to me, the best hand I had was 3 10 off?!  I get to where I"ve got 1050 chips left after the antes and I'm UTG.... Dave looks over at me and says "You know I'm gonna call".   I look down at a bottom 5% hand again (yes I just put the hand into pokerstove and it's NOT in a top 95% range LOL).  Seeing that, I decide that the next hand HAS to be better and mucked it.  For my BB, there are the blinds and antes, two bigstack limps and then the button, last week's winner, shoves.  Dave mucks.  I look down and see 99, the best hand since the 10's by far and put the rest of my chips in.  The limpers then muck, so I'm heads up with a chance to get some chips.  The button flips over Q J, so I'm ahead in a race, which at this point is a great thing.  The flop comes rag 9 10, giving me a set and the opp an OESD.  Turn is a brick.  River K.

It's not the finish I wanted to have, but a 29th of 61 isn't completely horrible, considering that I easily could have been out in the bottom five.  

At least I had a few playable hands and could have had a couple of concealed big hands, but due to losing 1/2 my stack with QQ, I didn't have the chips to get into the pots with a number of speculative hands.  For example, I had J9s that would have won a big pot in by flopping an OE straight-flush draw that hit a straight on the river, but would have cost me 1/3 my stack to get into the multiway pot preflop.  Another was K10 where I wanted to shove over a short-stack, but another player acting before me shoved first with Ax.

All in all, while I wish I could have gotten a hand to shove with before getting so short, but did the best that I could do with the cards that I was dealt and knew that my reads were correct.  Hopefully I can find some better situations in the weeks to come and keep making good decisions.