Unfortunately, it was a pretty uneventful week tonight.  I ended up in 32nd of 61 and hopefully this will be one of my drop scores.

Here are the only hands with decisions that I was involved in.

At my first table, I get A 10 in the CO and decide to limp with the others to see a 7-way flop (only had a read on 2 opps so far, as this is 3rd hand).  The flop comes 10 5 3 with two clubs.  It's checked to me and I lead out for 1/2 pot.  The button (new player with no read on as it's the first pot he's been involved in) calls and so does the BB (calling station that has also bet a couple times.  She called down to showdown with bets on every street, a board with an A on it... with KQ off and the other hand was calling all the way down needing runner/runner for a straight or flush with 2 unders to the board).  I basically put her on ATC, epsecially two overs, and I put the button on the club draw.  Turn... club.  BB checks, I check, button bets and is called by the BB.  I mucked TPTK with the flush having completed.  I'm glad the club came on the turn, as the button had K 10 with the K of clubs but the BB had AA.

At the beginning of the 2nd level, my table was down to 5 left (there were two double KO's and they didn't even out the number at each table due to late registration still being open until the end of the second level).  I get AJ on the button with the CO having limped.  I made a standard raise and the CO called.  Flop comes Jxx with no flush draws.  The CO leads into me and I decided to just call along.  The CO had not played many hands, but in the hands that he did play, was barrelling every street.  The turn was a second heart (10) but other than that, was a blank.  The CO leads out for a value bet that priced out a flush draw.  If the bet was less I'd have raised, but since he priced himself out if he did have hearts, I called again.  The river was an A.   KQ didn't make sense for the opp, as he'd have dropped it on the flop and not led with it.  The opp makes a just less than 1/2 pot value bet and I just called it, as his betting pattern could include a small set (limp/call, lead, lead, lead).  The opp turns over AJ too, so we chop the pot.

At the first break, I'm sitting with 2800 chips from my 4k starting stack.  The other hand that I played early was to be in a 6-way limped hand with 88 and caught 3 overs on the board with a bet/raise/3-bet in front of me... easy muck.

In the level after break (100/200 with 25), I get my next playable hand from the BB.  A mid position player open raises to 600 (std raise) and then is called by hijack.  They were new players to the table and MP had been involved in a few pots (sometimes limping, sometimes std raising) but would when he saw a flop, liked shoving the flop.  He doubled once and lost to a short stack once with his flop shoves.  The HJ was the one I was more worried about, because while I had seen him play only 1 hand, know his finishes from both last week and especially the last league's finals said that he was definitely a solid player.  It gets to me and I see the one and only pocket pair above 8's that I've had so far in either tourney... KK.  With 1750 in the pot already and about 3200 in my stack, I shove.  The player from MP tanks for a minute or so and overshoves, which makes the hijack fold.  He turns over 99 and my kings hold.   This gets me over 8k chips (double the starting stack for the 2nd week in a row, really without getting much for cards preflop).  That's the last hand at that table that I'm involved in as the table broke up soon after it.

When the table breaks, I draw my seat card and get a really bad gut feeling... I draw the exact same seat that JD had busted from.  I get to that table with about 8k in chips and get the same reaction to a table change that I had last week, basically going card dead.  I did get pocket 3's in a hand with a limp, raise, 3-bet shove, but with that action in front of me, I'm not risking it with 33.  
I get down to 5BB left (M of 2) and have the following actions in front of me.  UTG+1 limps, then the player to my right makes a raise from 600 (1BB) to 1600.  I look down and see pocket 6's.  There is already 3850 in the pot and I've got about 3k chips left, so I decide to shove.  The blinds and the limper go away and I'm called by the raiser.  I was hoping to be in a race, as the player had recently doubled up and picked up a few more pots and could have easily been trying to take steal here... but he had pocket 10's. 
With that many chips in the pot and a pocket pair, I thought it was worth the risk, as if I had won that hand, I had a very playable stack and would be able to ladder climb easily to the last two tables, if not further.

Congrats to Dave for getting to the final table and also to Jason (old PSO'er) for not only getting a final table, but also for taking me out with the 10's.

Hopefully next week I'll get some better cards or more playable situations and will have a result that follows.  After about 4.5 hrs of play from the two weeks combined, I've seen one pocket pair above 8's and still have not seen AK.  I'll keep grinding away, now with a read on most of the players, and if I'm going to get a good run of cards, I want to save it until week 10 (semi-final and final).