after not cashing in a week in the PSO tournies, I was faced with a pretty tough task and one day left to do it.  One cash would probably get me back to and guarantee $30, two cashes and a point or 2 would get me back to $50 for the month.
First game of the day I knew something was different, as I actually had KK hold up (first time all month).  Squeezed out a cash in it, but not by much.
Second game, did everything I could, but the cards just wouldn't cooperate.  Missed cashing, but got a + number from it, which was definitely welcomed.
Third game, I caught only a very small number of hands, but they happened to come at the exact right times and got me into the top 100.

I've been under pressure before and come thru alot more than not, but don't want to be in that situation much at all.  I'm glad that Jan was the one month that I could volume play, because with those cards any of the other three previous ones, no way could I have gotten back to 1869.