Nowhere near what I had planned.  1 cash in first 9 pso tournies (with 3 negatives?!)  Even with that, I'm still only in about 200th place.
Bad run in ring games (playing ok, but took a couple bad beats in Omaha h/l with 2nd nut hi and 2nd nut low in same hand.... up against 1 player and didn't chop it)
saving grace for bankroll... two napl tickets that added about $2 to the bankroll and got a 2nd place with a KO in a single table omaha h/l s&g.

I guess I'm getting some of the bad games out of the way early in the month (which is a good thing, as it won't hurt my rating number as much).    Guess it's just back to grinding out as many positive point games that I can this month and hope they add up to a top 10 in the end.