played two cash games today so far.  First was a double/nothing s&g.  Get KK second level.  Guy ahead of me raises, I push back raising 3X his bet.  button pushes me all in.  original raiser folds, gotta call.  button has AA.
Figure after that, I'd try a 1/4 million satellite.  Get KK first level and raise to 100 chips and called by button.  Get K on flop (with an A too).  Guy bets flop with nothing, I raise him back and he calls.  turn is nothing and he checks, so I make another decent sized bet and called.  river puts 3 diamonds on board.  he bets a small amount... I call.... he's got the flush.  Two hands later, get Q 3 sp in bb and get to see flop for free.  two spades and a Q.  bet 100, 3 callers.  I turn my flush, bet my last 200 and get the same callers...... one of them has trips and rivers boat on me.

All three made hands, all 3 losers.