Been donked out 5 times in last two days.  At least it's early in the month, so I don't lose as many points.  Had the best hand in all of them by far too when the chips went in.
ex:  AK with A on flop.  made 3BB raise preflop and called by 2 people.  Bet flop and called.   Bet rag on turn, pushed.  no straights/flushes possible.  Guy shows two rags and catches the other one on the river.

One beat was with worst hand when the chips went in.  JJ and get rainbow flop of K J 3.  Bet and pushed, so had to call with a set.  Unfortunately for me, guy had KK for top set.  No problems at all with best hand holding.

On the other hand, ring games are treating me well this month (both omaha h/l and limit HE), as made some cash and have gotten a few VPP's to start on getting my 20+ for the month.