well, that didn't work out the way I wanted.  After the bad beat in the blogger tourney, I went card dead and got booted from the COOP tourney in 90th (needed top 42).  Still, a top 6% would get me ITM in any live tourney, so could have been worse. 
PCA tourney was a disaster.  Every hand I lost (except for one small pot), had the best hand when chips went in.  Hand I was ko'd on, had 75% equity against random cards and 57% against the two over cards.  Decided to try it and lost (even drew into a flush).   Should have folded it, even with the JJ I had.   Oh well, can learn from that one.

I even avoided the league games to concentrate on these and also bubbled the NAPL ticket game too.   Hopefully the last league game will be different.