Just set a new record for myself.... and one I don't know if anyone else has done or not. 

I was able to play in 5 of the PSO tournies on Friday and cashed in ALL 5 of them.
Real quick way to rocket up the leaderboard, as I'm up to 4th for the month now. 

Although, after a streak like that, I definitely need to watch out for a couple bad beats (they're coming and gotta try to fold around them).  Hopefully they don't show up on Sunday for the COOP/PCA games.  I put my chips into the pot with the best hands and they actually held, normally a few of them get rivered.  It was good to see the odds hold for once, instead of getting donked by garbage on the river.  Pick your spots and put your chips in with the best hand... it's all you can do.